Help with the Blazin Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings

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I'm going to Buffalo Wild Wings tomorrow and I'm planning to take the Blazin Challenge. You have to finish 12 of their hottest wings (covered in "blazin" sauce) in 6 minutes, without eating any other food, drinking, or touching your face. Since I'm Korean I eat a lot of Korean food so I think I have a pretty good tolerance for spiciness. But the blazin sauce is pretty damn hot. Anyone have any tips to beat it? And has anyone attempted it before? Thanks!

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I'm no expert, so take this with a grain of salt, but try putting them in your mouth to start.
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Get drunk before you do it.

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drink a little pepto-bismol before you go and you should order milk after.

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I never attempted that challenge at Buffalo Wild Wing, but there is a local restaurant that has a hot wing challenge and I took it. The first wing is the roughest because your going from normal state to that "painful" state, and the rest of the wing will not be any hotter....and that's when a lot of people stop because they think it will just get hotter. So eat the first one and go directly to the second and so on, and once your done eating them give it a few minutes and the endorphins kick it and you'll feel better...oh and you might get the hiccups too. There's a Buffalo Wild Wings near by I might have to take up that challenge.
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Hmm, thats two wings per minute. I'd be more worried about clearing the bones on time rather than the hotness. But I could do it.