Have you ever had a physical fight with anyone ?

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In School i slapped a guy for stealing my stamps. Only real fight once in college ( This college senior was making my life hell in college and i had to beat him and got beaten by his freinds ( 3 VS 1) in return till my freinds stopped the fight, but after this incident he calmed down lol ).

wbu OT ? Have you ever had a physcal fight with anyone ? :)

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Not since middle school (which was more than 20 years ago).

So yeah, I'm probably rubbish in a fight.

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Oh yes, I used to get into fights all the time in junior high and high school. If you looked at me cross-ways I'd be lunging for you. I got bullied up until 7th grade when I finally decided to start punching back. When I found out how effective that was I just started punching first.

I got arrested at school a few times because I'd lose my shit and not stop once they were down. I had to stop that shit or I was either going to end up in jail for good or just dead. I didn't win them all, you know.

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Yes, I have been in many many fights. I haven't been in a fight in years though. I try to avoid fights when possible.

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Nope. I haven't been socializing enough to be faced with a fight.

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When I was in the fifth grade, I lived in the projects in Atlanta and over there we got into fights almost weekly. The issue with me specifically was I was a New York lightskinned boy that most of the kids with their racist, "blame whitey for everything" parents were too stupid to know I wasn't white. Shortly after summer vacation started and right before I went back to New York for two months I got into five fights in the same day, ending with me beating the crap out of some boy in front of my apartment after he spit on me.

After that, not counting training the last fight I can remember being in was in the seventh or eighth grade. Back then you get into a fight and at worst you get suspended for a few days. When I was in high school East Point in the mid 90s, my principal, fed up with fights, started pushing for expelling students for fights but I don't know how long that lasted. From my time as a recruiter, I learned that nowadays getting into a fight in many schools will result in your arrest and a misdemeanor assault charge.

There was one time in 2003 where I got punched in the forehead but it was by a guy who was robbing me and had a pistol in his other hand. He got what he wanted, so it seemed like hitting me was his way of making himself feel better knowing that I probably wasn't going to hit him back due to the risk of being shot.

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yeah, once in middle school (17 years ago). this kid kept teasing me calling me "fat boy" all the time and pushing me till the point where i just couldnt take it anymore and i snapped. i punched him in the face and stabbed him in the shoulder with a Bic pen... i havent been in a fight since then.

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Its been ages since my last fight. My last one was like some 10 years ago when someone hit my friend with a metal rod in the head. I went berserk at my friend's bloody face and gave the guy lacerations or scratches in his neck, a wound in his lower lip and a broken tooth..

I kind of left physical confrontations behind for good, I have no use for them.

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Up until 6th Grade I would fight constantly. Then I changed school for 7th Grade and it stop it immediately, I'm talking that if you were to graph it the line would go vertically down. Had a few dust up later but nothing major. Haven't had a fight in a least 10 years.

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Nope. I was about to once, but the other guy threw the football at my face. It stung and I couldn't really see.

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I've only had 2 proper full on fights in my life, the first was when I was about 10. This kid threw a stone and hit my younger brother so I chased him around a car and beat him with no comeback, it was weird because of the adrenaline when I punched it felt like I was barely touching him but he limped away crying so I guess I did some damage. My school friend was with me and when he told people at school the next day no one believed him as I was always known as being a quiet friendly kid.

Then about a year ago we had a bit of a family dispute, basically my brother (the same one as mentioned before) came around to my mums house where I was too. He was angry at our mother and I went to stop him from coming inside, he shoulder barged me out of the way so I thought if I don't do something he'll hurt mum so I swung as hard as I could and punched him in the head and then it was on. We had a decent scrap in this narrow hallway, but not long after we shook hands and got over it.

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backyard wrestling ?? yes ..... lol

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Twice. The first was many moons ago, my freshman year of high school, at a point where I got tired of being teased and just snapped. At this point, I had been playing football for a few years and had recently got into BJJ. But it didn't really stop the teasing. A bigger kid who had been held back a couple times decided to shove me into a wall before class one day. I just started punching the dude. At one point I slipped and he was able to get on top of me, punching me a few times, but in front of like 50 kids, I was able to pull a triangle choke and dropped the kid unconscious. And then I kicked him in the head a few times for good measure. That was the last time I ever got picked on in high school.

The second time was during my sophomore year of college, well away from home where there existed no stories about my past. Some well-liked rich kid down the hall in my dormitory decided to single me out for some teasing (he always seemed to do it when there were hot girls nearby, so I suppose he was trying to impress them, which made me absolutely furious). I had a friend who I practiced BJJ with, in a room closer to mine, who told the dude he needed to cut it out. The guy's friends, to their credit, were trying to get him to stop too. And he did cool off... for a little while. Until one day when he was standing in the hall with several girls, and he saw me coming back from class. He started talking about a party he was hosting, saying things like "and short f*ggots like that don't get invited to parties" while pointing at me. I was ready to fight as soon as the girls started to giggle, but I held myself back, and instead I just said something as I walked by, something like "got a bunch of girls to shield you again, what a big man." And he flicked me across the nose as I walked by. I f*cked this guy up. I mean, I F*CKED HIM UP. Got arrested and would've been thrown out of the dorm, except a lot of people that lived there came to my hearing and pointed out all the times I got picked on. I don't regret either fight. If I was put in those same situations again, I'd do the exact same thing without hesitation. It's so much better than getting picked on.

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Yes, once. He grabbed me so I headbutt him and gave him a bloody nose. >_>

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I few punches and tosses here and there. I was a fatty but a gentle giant. But there were a few times where I was pushed too far. I haven't had a "fight" since grade 6. In highschool I wasn't social enough to be part of any fights. But I did witness a few.

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Not really. Once in high school, the guy sitting in front of me made an insult to me so I slapped the back of his head and then a bunch of people laughed. A few days later I was walking into school and out of nowhere the dude grabbed me pinned me up against the lockers and punched me about 15 times in the chest before I knew what happened.

I think that's the closest I ever got to a physical fight, but I don't think it counts. When I smacked the dude, he didn't fight back, he just looked mad. Then when he punched the shit out of me, he was obviously holding back (this dude was like twice my size and could have seriously destroyed me if he wanted to). He punched me like 15 times right in the torso, but it didn't hurt the least. Maybe I got a tiny bit winded, but that's it.

The funny thing is, he pinned me up against the lockers and punched the shit out of me, then just quickly walked away before I had a chance to say, "dude, what the ****?" So I was like, what the hell was that all about? Then I started thinking, "oh, I'll bet that was because I smacked him on the head the other day."

Anyway, that's the closest I've ever gotten to a fight, and even that wasn't a fight. Both events (my physical assault and his counterassault) were just actions done completely for show and with the intent of not actually hurting the other guy. Just pissy drama-queen stuff from two guys who had minor beef with each other but didn't actually want to hurt the other dude.

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Plenty. Most of them was with my brothers and cousins. One time my brother threw me at a glass shelve. It was not amusing.

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I used to love to fight when I was a teenager. I wrestled for 7 years, and a couple of the other guys I wrestled with used to get into fights all of the time at malls, pool halls, parties and such. Mostly with kids from other schools.

I'm 35 now and haven't been in a fight since I was 20.

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Never got into fights in school, had one (kind of fight) a few years ago a drunken brawl were I was not drunk but the person attacking me was. I say kind of fight because I never hit back, one punch hit me not so hard as I was moving back. I blocked the next punch and ducked another.

He then came at me again and lost his footing, I let him get back up and he missed another punch then the fight got split up by bouncers who threw him and ignored me, as it was obvious I was not fighting back.

I didn't see the point he was not really a threat to me as he was too drunk.

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@The-Apostle said:

Yes, once. He grabbed me so I headbutt him and gave him a bloody nose. >_>

lol, you sound like a Pokemon >_>

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not alot. A couple of times but that was a decade ago. I just try to avoid douchebags and fighting

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My brother. I hate him so much.

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No. I kinda want to, though. Maybe start a Fight Club.

@Master_Live said:

Up until 6th Grade I would fight constantly. Then I changed school for 7th Grade and it stop it immediately, I'm talking that if you were to graph it the line would go vertically down. Had a few dust up later but nothing major. Haven't had a fight in a least 10 years.

Let's pull that line back up.

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Fought my sister plenty of times. No one else though. I'm not usually one to rub people the wrong way so people don't come at me like that.

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Yeah.....................Used to get in fights when I was younger......................