Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Tell us your story

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Poll: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Tell us your story (18 votes)

Yes 61%
No 39%

In the year 2001, I was studying at the Economics at the University of Manchester. I was late for my Microeconomics lecture.

I ran from my building, the Dover Street building. As I was half way down the stairs out of the building I felt a strong push. My bag fell from my shoulders, I picked it up and realised the strap was disconnected.

I continued to run to my lecture and noticed my watch was making a strange noise. It was a green Seiko kinetic (I love that watch). I knew it was also broken as it made a strange rattle, different to how it normally sounds.

Sweating, I arrived at my lecture and I was given a stern look by my lecturer. I sat in the front and got my notepad and stuff out.

I checked my bag strap and noticed something very strange. It’s hard to explain the strap, but basically it was disconnected. It was like a magic trick with rings being disconnected without any breaks.

I later showed this to my friends and no one had an explanation how the strap can disconnect without any breaks. Everyone just said the Dover Street building is haunted.

On the weekend I went home and showed my parents. My dad freaked out and he threw the strap in the bin and also wanted to get rid of my watch, which I didn’t let him.

Almost 20 years later, I still periodically think about this event. I still have the watch (it was fixed but broke again) but I wish my dad did not throw away the bag strap.

Have you got a story to tell?

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#1 Posted by Kadin_Kai (422 posts) -

Sorry typo in the first paragraph.... you know what I mean.

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#2 Posted by MirkoS77 (14125 posts) -

I once saw an apparition of a cat that vanished right before my eyes.

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I saw a shadow devil on my old wooden closet.

SpoilersI was on LSD.

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#4 Posted by VagrantSnow (318 posts) -

Never anything directly but my mum often tells me about how when my brother and I were younger (babies) we would often stare at a certain spot on the roof corner of the stairwell of our house. When I was a kid, the stair well always creeped me out. Would always run up them at night and generally disliked being in the upper hallway at the top of the stairs. As I got older the fear gradually faded away and the stairs never bothered me much anymore.

That was until the new neighbours moved in. They had a cat. Super friendly cat. Would often come over to visit and wander around the house like it owned the place. It always enjoyed sleeping in my underbed drawer that it learned how to open on it's own. Anyway, a couple of times when it was chilling in my room, it would suddenly perk itself up. I mean back arched, fur on ends and it would stand at my open door that looks out on to the stairwell and would often growl seemingly at nothing.

Always freaked me out when it did it.

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#5 Posted by jdc6305 (5047 posts) -

I've been nose to nose with a ghost before. The stuff that goes on in my house is straight out of the movie poltergeist. I've learn to live with it and ignore it. As long as what ever it is don't attack me I'm fine. My grandmother wanted to bring in a priest to bless the house I refused. I didn't want to piss it off. I just hope when I leave here it doesn't follow me.

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I was beside my mom at that time when someone called me from a distant. I know it was my mom's voice so I looked to the direction of where that sound comes from but I saw my mom far away from me when I looked beside me and there was no one beside me...

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#7 Posted by watercrack445 (1549 posts) -

I saw a shadow person. It was bald but had a weird head shape. It also was pretty skinny. He ran across from me and seemed to trying to get out cause it ran towards a closed window. I have no idea where it went from that. It happened during midnight.

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I was walking down a hall at a hospital and someone brushed past me, I did a 360 and no one was around

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I think I've written about these before. So I will try to word them differently.

The first I will speak of involves a young man going to a film in which a Dutch painting, painted by Breughel, and starring Rutger Hauer comes to life. The film is called The Mill and the Cross. He is excited to find a lobby card of said film. They make good bookmarks. There are some interesting parts to the film. However, the young man finds it to be lacking of a masterpiece.

A few days later he finds himself at a bookshelf in his bedroom. "What to read? What to read? Where will this lobby card go?" His fingers run long the spines and find a book called Despair by Vladimir Nabokov. The book is about a man who fakes his own death. In the Introduction, Nabokov contemplates the possibility of a painting, by some Dutch master, coming to life on film.

"Now what are the chances?" Asks the man. A book, a bookmark, a painting, a film, and a reader with a view... Into what? Some place paranormal? A message from beyond, from something or someone? I know nothing.

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#10 Posted by henrythefifth (2477 posts) -

Well, I did once see a giant marshmallow man.

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#11 Posted by XVision84 (15987 posts) -

I'm an actual ghost

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#12 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4830 posts) -

So my next incident was when my father and I were travelling through the EU. We found ourselves in Barcelona on Christmas day. The first Lord of the Rings had just come out, so we decided to see it at a theater that had it in English. We paid and sat down in the middle area. I was talking with my father when all of a sudden one of my friend's sisters sat down right in front of us with her travelling companion. We had not spoken nor seen each other for at least a year and here she was. Of all the places in the world and at this particular time we run into each other? Seems nearly impossible. So I'm chalking it up to a paranormal experience. Some kind of unconscious telepathy or I don't know what.

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#13 Posted by Stranger_36 (663 posts) -

No I have not.

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#14 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4830 posts) -

The last story I have comes from me as a child. I lived on the island of Guam and often played in the boonies. One time I saw a streak of light come almost instantaneously to a stop. I saw an apparition gazing down at me with a blank expression. Then it sped off again just like that. The End.

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#15 Posted by uninspiredcup (33312 posts) -

Yes, about 15-16 years ago on the way to work during winter, saw what I thought was a star, but then it accelerated and moved rapidly (from being idle) at a curved angle and shot away out of view almost instantly. At the time didn't take much notice but looking back, it was pretty odd.

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Noooooooooooooo.... (trying for ghostly sound) I have not.. ;)

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#17 Posted by DaVillain- (36479 posts) -

@XVision84 said:

I'm an actual ghost

Something strange, in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call?

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#18 Posted by XVision84 (15987 posts) -

@davillain-: Ghostlusters? No wait...ghostdusters? Or was it ghosttrusters? :P

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#19 Posted by thehig1 (7280 posts) -

No and I don't beleive other people's stories either, as cool as it would be if they were true.

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#20 Posted by comp_atkins (35682 posts) -
@henrythefifth said:

Well, I did once see a giant marshmallow man.

i tried to think of the most harmless thing