Have you ever gone through an entire day without sleeping?

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#1 Posted by bats94 (590 posts) -
If so, how did you feel during that time? When I tried it I just felt awful all over, couldn't keep my eyes open during breakfast one day, trying to get some sleep on the table before the great food got rid of my fatigue.
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#2 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
Three days is my max. I got super human hearing during the second day.
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#3 Posted by kraychik (2433 posts) -

I've done much more than just twenty-four hours. It never feels good, but how you feel depends on how tough you are and what exactly what happening during the time where you were awake for an extended period of time.

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#4 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
I stayed up from a Saturday through that Monday - so maybe 50 hours all told. I spent the weekend just hammering through a massive paper I had put off for one of my classes. It was due at 10am on Monday, and I walked across campus to hand it in, walked back to my dorm, and basically passed out on my bed. I didn't wake up again until early Tuesday morning.
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#5 Posted by araksik (537 posts) -

I went an entire week with 30-60 mins of sleep every day. I usually don't sleep more than 4 hours a day on a regular basis. Insomnia is a *****

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#6 Posted by chilly-chill (8902 posts) -
Just one day, passed out in all my classes the next day.
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#7 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -
Never bothered to try.
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#8 Posted by gun65 (3312 posts) -

Last event in naval basic training, wasn't horrible but was a challenge.

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#9 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

Yes I have and I'll never understand why so many people enjoy doing it.

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#10 Posted by Jolt_counter119 (4226 posts) -

All the time, the most I've ever done is a little over two days. It's not that bad if you're doing something important but it can be torture when you finish or take a break and all you can think of is sleep like a person lost in a desert thinks of water.

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#11 Posted by Perfect_Blue (29945 posts) -

Every Thursday I'm up from 4:30pm until 2am Saturday.

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#12 Posted by tribalTox (803 posts) -

I've gone 5 days without sleep or eating (Back when I was on drugs, guess which one). Now, I have to sleep. I can't fuction if I stay up for more than 20 hours. The brain and body needs sleep.

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#13 Posted by SolidSnake35 (58756 posts) -
Yeah, a few times. Then when I sleep, it's horrible. It's like I'm overly tired to sleep well... so I have weird dreams and wake up quite often in a kind of semi conscious stupor... then back into the dream I go.
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#14 Posted by topsemag55 (19063 posts) -

Stayed awake for three days once - then crashed for 13 hours.:lol:

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#15 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (24599 posts) -
Yeah, a few times. Then when I sleep, it's horrible. It's like I'm overly tired to sleep well... so I have weird dreams and wake up quite often in a kind of semi conscious stupor... then back into the dream I go.SolidSnake35
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#16 Posted by codymcclain14 (6017 posts) -
I usually go 1 full day without sleep on the weekends. The longest I've stayed up was for 2 or 3 day's. i forget.
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#17 Posted by silentnightmere (1520 posts) -
mhm. I think the longest is during my gaming sessions. Like I think it was 36 or 46 hours at max.
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#18 Posted by driftingsilvia (4089 posts) -

I have chronic insomnia and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I've gone up to almost 4 days without sleep and by that time you start to hollucinate and have heart pains.

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#19 Posted by CHOASXIII (14696 posts) -

I did a day a couple times and felt terrible after doing it.

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#20 Posted by almasdeathchild (8922 posts) -

i always stay up for two and ahalf days cause my insomia,but the only thing i feel when i do it is like a vampire i cant go outside without my retnas burning so i always need sunglasses

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#21 Posted by lpjazzman220 (2249 posts) -

quite a few times...its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. just make sure you eat healthy food and no sugar(makes u feel even more tired). for me, it also helps to keep on the move, i had to do a 2day/2night shift a few months back, i was fine till i got to clock out and sit down.

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#22 Posted by notsoawesome (629 posts) -

Twice just this week actually.

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#23 Posted by leviathan91 (7763 posts) -

Only two days.

Never again.

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#25 Posted by Darksonic666 (3482 posts) -

No I enjoy it too much and I would not want to go without it.

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#26 Posted by leathaltaco (222 posts) -

yea, i had virtual school last year and i didn't sleep for ever because of the last day

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#27 Posted by lazyhoboguy (1691 posts) -

I do it fairly frequently to fix my sleep schedule when it gets too messed it up. Its not too fun to do, the first half of the day you will want to kill yourself, eventually though you will feel a second wind and not feel tired for awhile. It's odd. I use 5 hour energy mid day usually to help make it through the day. The longest ive stayed up straight is 2 and a half days and that was nuts. Was losing my mind. Don't recommend it.

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#28 Posted by chrisrooR (9027 posts) -
Not in a while, though Diablo 3's coming out this week, so I'm sure that's going to change soon :P
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#29 Posted by soulless4now (41388 posts) -

Nope, I would pass out cold.

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#30 Posted by WiiCubeM1 (4735 posts) -

This year alone I've gone 4-5 days without sleep three times for a psychological study at my college. I feel like sh*t during it.

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#31 Posted by cybrcatter (16210 posts) -
Yes. Civ IV is worse than crack.
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#32 Posted by XilePrincess (13130 posts) -
Once in a while. Really, the only thing for me is that I have to keep active. I have driven without sleeping, and that's bad I know. But I can do it. Basically as long as I keep busy mentally and physically (I have to remain physically moving or I will crash, I can be doing great all day and then sit down at my computer and want to just die) I can last up to 28 hours usually. I've got a horrible bed and don't ever get a really good deep sleep, if I did I'm sure I could stay up longer.
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#33 Posted by dissonantblack (34009 posts) -

Of course. and it's not fun.

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#34 Posted by David719 (2181 posts) -

I've only gone through two days without sleep.

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#35 Posted by pero2008 (2956 posts) -

Yeah, I was seeing colors, hallucinating and felt like I could pass out and fall asleep at anytime

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#36 Posted by Pvt_r3d (7901 posts) -
After a day of not sleeping it depends on what I'm doing the next day. If I'm enjoying that day then I'll probably last for two days without sleep. Most of the time though, I get really irritated, bored and grumpy when I'm that tired.
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#37 Posted by tocool340 (21117 posts) -
Went 2 days without sleep. End up falling asleep just before my 3rd day. Only reason I didn't sleep that long was because I needed to complete a report. I was give 2 weeks to do it, but I procrastinated all the way til near deadline...:(
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#38 Posted by aaronmullan (33424 posts) -
3 days is my max, but I say up 30 hours all the time. I feel tired, but able.
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#39 Posted by RAGEofSTUNTS (733 posts) -
I stayed up for about 5 days during Hurricane Katrina, so much thunder and the batteries in my grandmother's emergency radio must have been made by God to have allowed it to stay on max volume the entire time.
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#40 Posted by Celldrax (15035 posts) -

Yes, a few times. But rarely I can be awake for more than 24 - 30 hours. More often than not my eyes just start to water and feel uncomfortable. Common sense normally kicks in before I try to push myself further :P

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#41 Posted by Fundai (6209 posts) -

Yes. I felt ok during the actual staying up.

The day after though I felt terrible.

Actually, I have done it quite a few times.

I once stayed up all night fencing.

It was called the Fence-A-Thon, and it was for charity. I felt utterly wasted for the rest of the week.

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#42 Posted by BiancaDK (19082 posts) -

quite a few times...its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. just make sure you eat healthy food and no sugar(makes u feel even more tired). for me, it also helps to keep on the move, i had to do a 2day/2night shift a few months back, i was fine till i got to clock out and sit down.

or, alternatively, instead of eating healthy, avoiding sugar and being physically active: drinking coca cola, eating pizzas and being at a LAN party works just as well
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#43 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
52 hours without sleep
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#44 Posted by KamuiFei (4334 posts) -

I've gone two days before. I dunno why either. I just didn't want to sleep I think.

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#45 Posted by ConkerAndBerri2 (2007 posts) -

I've done 3 days of sleep deprivation...Never again..

You end up hallucinating eventually. It's not fun.

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#46 Posted by invisibletearsx (997 posts) -

Yes. I have to do it once or twice a week.

uni uni uni uni work.

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#47 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -


26 hour bus trip from Florida to Illinois.

i then proceeded to stay up the rest of the day.

so about 36 hours or so. i was out within seconds of laying down.

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#48 Posted by PiscesChick93 (10724 posts) -


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#49 Posted by nedim100 (390 posts) -

Yes,multiple times but i felt miserable each and every time.I need some good night's sleep otherwise i just feel sleepy and fatigued and generally unable to do even simple work.

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#50 Posted by flipin_jackass (9765 posts) -
A few times. I remember maybe 10 years back when I set up a party for my sister's bday, I skipped sleep the night before so I can get everything finished. During college, I skipped sleep to study for exams. It worked well actually, I'm more lucid when sleepy or grogy rather than over-thinking things when I'm fully conscious. Lastly, 2 years back, I went to Manila for three weeks to train our staff. They worked a grave yard shift there. I had to work during the night, and I could barely sleep during the day. There where 2-3 days when I didn't sleep at all.