Have you ever cheated during exams?

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Sometimes yeah, specially History dates or Chemistry formulas =P (But only at school, not uni ). From freinds papers or from note tucked safely in pocket ( Avoided it mostly incase of getting caught by teacher and expelled from exam room). Never got caught cheating tho HeHe.

wbu? :)

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A few times.

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No need to.The school would pass me either way.

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No, that would be very wrong.

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@ShepardCommandr said:

No need to.The school would pass me either way.

why? Your dads on school board or principal? =P

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a few times, but every time i do i always fail the test.

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@watchdogsrules How do you fail a test you cheated on? (assuming you didn't get caught)

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@deeliman: probably because i focus on all the questions i've cheated on and pay no mind to the ones i didn't cheat on, which seems to be alot.

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No. I would only be cheating myself out of an education.

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Does people copying off my paper count?

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I wouldn't necessarily class it as cheating, but my teacher gave me a 'practice' paper for one of the Science exams (I believe it was Chemistry); turns out it was an identical copy of the official test. :P

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No. Never needed to. You only hurt yourself by doing that.

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Nope. Made some cheats once but ended up deciding not to use them.

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Most of the questions I got wrong at school in exams were not due to not having a clue what the answer was but my inability to recall the answer due to lack of revision or piss poor memory.

I dont think cheating is fair on those who are genuinely more intelligent or revised harder or have a better memory. Then again school was school, nobody gives a shit about school once you leave it. I havent done maths for about 10 years lol.

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One time during a biology exam, it was hard as hell, and I was fucked because I needed a good grade on that exam to pass the class. Anyway, our teacher was on sick leave, so we had a substitute teacher who was ridiculously naive, the class knew this and took advantage of it and persuaded her to go ask the principal if we could have more time for the exam, and she actually did it, she left the class, without taking away our exams or anything, she just left. Everyone got to cheating, I traded my exam with a nerdy friend so she could solve it for me and I got an 80 in the end. It was pretty fun.

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I get nervous as hell when i'm about to do it so no ! Actually i suck at cheating ...

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The better question is when haven't I?

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Never at school, all the time at Uni, well we got to take any notes in a book we wanted.

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Sometimes write formulas on my hand.

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@indzman said:

@ShepardCommandr said:

No need to.The school would pass me either way.

why? Your dads on school board or principal? =P

I think he means he's a special ed student.

@awesome3496 said:

Does people copying off my paper count?

I think it qualifies as cheating if you actually allowing someone to cheat of you.

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never ...... I'm not a loser

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Not during an exam but a weekly quiz back in high school 10th grade English yeah.

Every Monday we would get 10 names to research. They were either modern day celebrities, authors, musicians, politicians, actors/actresses or talk show hosts. People she believed that were an important part of "modern day cultural studies." Every Friday we would have to recall the names from memory and then match them up with one-line descriptions she would provide. Some weeks I just wouldn't be able to recall all 10 names so I would jot them down on an index card and cheat off that.

Never felt guilty about it, would have definitely done it again.

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Not during a real exam. I did online school, though, and for the tests or quizzes we had to do at home it wasn't hard to put an equation into google or search the answer to a question.

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nope, not ever

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@mjorh said:

Actually i suck at cheating ...

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@indzman said:

Sometimes yeah, specially History dates or Chemistry formulas =P (But only at school, not uni ). From freinds papers or from note tucked safely in pocket ( Avoided it mostly incase of getting caught by teacher and expelled from exam room). Never got caught cheating tho HeHe.

wbu? :)

Of course not, i have no need to cheat, i study for my exams and always keep or get goot notes so i can be well-prepared.

Particular in Uni where good grades are highly important.

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Exams, no.

In 6th grade though my teacher thought it'd be creative instead of testing us from a spelling book to have us come up with our own word lists for ourselves every week and then at the end of the week we'd partner up with a classmate and test each other somewhere quiet. So me and another kid would go out into the halls and were like "just wanna give each other the answers?". So we basically did that all year long, and we told our friends and they all started doing the same. I don't even think we did it because we wanted better grades or anything, just the thrill of being naughty was reason enough.

I did have a college professor accuse me of cheating once. It was a psychology class and basically attendance wasn't required, grade was determined on three take home exams and a final, each test was scored on a potential 100 points but he'd drop the lowest test score and grade us on our top three tests. As for our take home tests, we were allowed to use any resource at our disposal except each other, but he said tests would be made up on the lecture material and the readings. So after like three weeks we got our first test, and I had attended daily, took great notes, read the sections. I did the best I could, but so much of what the take home tests covered wasn't in my notes or the readings. Same thing happened in the next take home exam, so while I was doing the tests I decided to Google a question word for word... the results shocked me. The test questions we were getting weren't made up from his lectures, or the readings, they were being yanked entirely from other university classes, like from Stanford, Yale, USC, wherever, and in levels for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year undergraduates. I was finding my questions word for word, multiple choice by multiple choice, on other university websites, tests with the answers given back to the students. A great majority of his test questions came from these sources, it was ridiculous. So, in my three take home exams I was pulling a flat C, like high 70s for each (I think it was like 75%, 76%, and 78%). It's worth noting by this point I had started skipping classes more because it was really early in the morning and I had 3 other full credit classes that demanded my attention more. Now, our test scores were posted in the class, and I noticed two other people were scoring like in the 20% on the tests, failing horribly, and they must have been the other kids who skipped class too. So one day after the third exam he says there's a student there something like...

"I'm not going to name who. But a few students have been skipping classes. And yet two of those students have been performing on the tests like I expected, they failed. However, one student is doing much better than them and there could only be one explanation. Someone here who has been doing there work and taking notes and reading the materials must be giving him the answers. Whoever is helping him should feel ashamed as should he. A person who doesn't put in the effort and uses shortcuts to and cheats off the efforts of others does not deserve any success for it."

...this was rather I ironic, especially that last part, because it wasn't me who was cheating, it was him, and I knew how he was cheating. He wasn't tailoring his tests to coincide with his lectures or his readings, he was stealing them from other professors of other universities who were coming up with tests for undergraduate classes of a much higher level than his, that taught other material. Anyhow, I was pulling a C, as were many others, and by the times finals rolled around I was stressed out enough from my other three classes and was worrying what I was going to do for his final. After all I wouldn't have Google there to see where his multiple choice questions were getting yanked from, it wasn't a take home final. Then I discovered something that totally causes a wave of relief over me, I read the syllabus. Apparently, he grading scale. A was 90% - 100%, B 80% - 99%, C was (I'm not shitting you) 45% to 79%... okay, in simple math this is what it means. Again, each take home exam is worth up to 100 points each, as was the final, he'd drop the lowest exam score and grade us on the total of our two best scores and the final. So, I already had 150/300 without the final taken into consideration, that means I'd still pull a C even if I got everything wrong on the final, that's the same score I'd get if I busted my hump to pull the same score I was getting on the other tests. With that relief, I just focused on my other class finals which I did really well in because those teachers tested on the shit they taught. For him, I went in to the final, filled out the bubbles as quickly and as randomly as I could, I was first done, ran up and handed him testing sheet. Walked out never to see him again. Got a C like I expected. In hindsight I regret not reporting him though, or at least confronting him and giving him shit for being a lazy teacher who accused me of cheating when it was him cheating the students all along, stealing his test questions from real professors, not making tests based on the material he covered. I hope another student caught on to him though and did it for me. Now, I was pretty much an B+/A- student at the time, but I was never happier pulling a C off. This class was a nightmare, the teacher was a nightmare. I regret not burning him in the end though.

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In high-school I wrote math formulas on my desk a couple of times for tests. In serious exams never as I always prefered to depend on my own abilities. Besides I'm too lazy to cheat.

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Yup, I cheated on Wroclaw's University of Technology which is pretty hard, they block cellphones etc, so I had to resort to equipment from www.gsm-earpiece.com, I just put pre recorded files on my mp3, and liestened to them during the exam, the earpiece is really smal so its really hard for someone to notice you have something in your ear. Depends on your ear anathomy somewhat too i guess.

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