Have I made a good TV purchase?

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I'm new to the world of 4K displays but after recently being offered a brand new Samsung UE55NU7100 by a work colleague for significantly less than all the prices I've seen/reading reviews have just bought.. £400 (family member won in raffle apparently)

Does anyone here have one, are they any good? I've been told they are OK for their media playback but their gaming performance is great.. I'll be using with a PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Switch, Shield TV & streaming from my PC/Steam.

I'd really appreciate the thoughts of those that have any hands on experience of this screen as I've just paid but still have a few days to get my money back if I'm not happy.

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Seems OK


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Its JUST tv. Thats how i see it.

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Well, for that price, you get what you pay for. But, for what you want to use it for, better an LG OLED, or even Sony has some pretty good TVs that will cost a pretty penny. But yeah, a Samsung 7 series, old tech. I personally wouldn't settle for anything less than an 8 series. If you want to budget it, maybe a Vizio is more for you... not sure which one would be top of the line though.

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CNET always has the TV with the highest picture quality listed on their website. Bear in mind, these TV's typically cost a couple thousand dollars at least. But for that money, you get perfect black levels, excellent color, wide viewing angles, etc.

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