Has Yahoo News been giving you old news recently?

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Okay so today when I opened up Internet explorer it went to my homepage which is att.net. It was showing different Yahoo news stories but one of them is old news.

For local stories it showed the following:

  • Former NYC Man Pleads Guilty In Bass Home InvasionHartford Courant - 11 hours ago
  • Merrill: Connecticut Is Ready For Voting TuesdayHartford Courant - 11 hours ago
  • Explosion at Middletown power plant shakes the stateRecord-Journal - 42 minutes ago
  • New online business about 'dirt'Record-Journal - 2 hours 42 minutes ago

However the third story (about the explosion) is from Feb. 2010 (you will see this if you click the link).

Is this just an isolated incident, or have any of you noticed Yahoo showing old stories as if they were new news?

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Also on the same page Yahoo has a poll asking "who gets your vote today", so far Romney is getting 58% and Obama is getting 42% according to the poll.