Gov. Bob McDonnell guilty of 11 counts of corruption

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So if you have been following the news you know that Bob McDonnell has been facing some legal troubles for the last few months. It turns out that (R) Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia has been found guilty of eleven counts of corruption and his wife Maureen was found guilty of eight counts. They both could be facing several decades (according to the article, my guess is more like years) in jail.

Personally (believe it or not) I have some very mixed feelings about this outcome. On the one hand I am all for removing corrupt politicians from the system. On the other hand if they do go to jail I can't help, but feel terrible for their family and loved ones. It's really easy to point and laugh for a few moments as they are hauled away, but it's their families who have to see them from behind glass for the next several years. I'm sure people will say they deserved it, and I won't argue with that however their comes a point when we are no longer simply punishing the people involved which is why I can't be truly happy with this outcome either.

Anyways what say you to this news OT?

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I must admit to being surprised at the lack of opinions on this.

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But all politicians are corrupt. We could dig into the history of every last one of them and find shenanigans.