Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run 3 announcement

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Since and are sister sites, I thought it would be a good idea to inform everyone from the GameSpot Community about what's going on. Read More about down below! FYI, I will most likely be streaming as well after I am done with all the technical fiasco on my part. I go by the name of "Behardy" on Twitch and so expect to see me streaming. I promise, I am entertaining.

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Dearest of Duders,

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run 3 is kicking off this Friday, April 18th! Join us directly after Unprofessional Fridays as we stream for charity all weekend long. Expect to see Endurance Running, Mad Libs, guest appearances, and hopefully a lot of really stupid shenanigans!

Over two events last year, we raised nearly $2000 for Child’s Play. This time around we've decided to donate to theAmerican Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) and their CPAP Assistance Program. We hope to outdo our previous outing by setting the goal at $2500!

Although our streams will be found on Twitch, the best place to watch us will be at, created by@chaser324. You can watch as many as four streams at once, and chat with other viewers!

If you’re interested in streaming with us or otherwise joining the cause, contact @jeffrud. If you’d like to donate, you cando that here! If you can’t donate, help us spread the word! #GBC3R


P.S. We're also giving away a ton of digital copies of games, plus a few things that exist in three dimensional space that you will definitely NOT want to miss. -Mgmt.