Gem Tower Defense - Remake of Warcraft Version

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#1 Posted by izendur (25 posts) -
Hey, I remade my favorite tower defense map from Warcraft 3 into Flash so that I could play it at work or while waiting around for my WoW raids to start. Anyways, I figured some of you might like it too its quite addicting, fun and challenging on the harder difficulties. Anyways have a go at feedback always appreciated.
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#2 Posted by FlaminDeath (4181 posts) -
nj man thats a prty damn accurate flash version of gem td
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#3 Posted by muppet1010 (5812 posts) -

thats pretty good...

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#4 Posted by izendur (25 posts) -
Thanks man that's why I'm promoting it for those who love Gem TD. I wasted all of July making it because I'm an employed bum at moment. If you find any bugs or have suggestions feel free to share please.
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loveeeee the game