Gamestop Prices for Controllers

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So I am moving to PC in a couple months and I have 4 PS3 controllers in non dog toy condition and 3 ps4 controllers 2 with the rubber missing on one of the anolog sticks and the other doesn't charge but they won't notice well it kinda charges if you try hard enough and adding all the trade prices together on their website would be 114 not including refurb fees but would I actually get that amount at gamestop giving them all together of would they rip me off and give me like 10 for each controller?

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Call them

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Depends on the store and demographics of area. In general, their used official controllers are not great. I have started to just buy their 3rd party controllers for older consoles (xbox 360, gamecube, etc).

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@sms1480: I'm sorry but this is OT (Off Topic) meaning no gaming discussion is not allowed here. As @MonsieurX suggest, call at Gamestop to see if they can answer about Controller prices.

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