For what reason can you interrupt your game?

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For what reason can you interrupt your game?) What is so important: loved ones, love, maybe food?) Food!

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Work, bathroom breaks, food, bills, sleep, and house chores are normally the things that pull me away from gaming.

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When I'm being called by my best friend and his brother, for eating (Eating while playing, does it count ?)

Searching for some cheat codes for the game, to answer messages

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pretty much everything to be honest. Gaming is only filler, nothing else.

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Erm, pretty much anything other than gaming?

Heck, all you have do is ask nicely. "Can you come over here for a minute, please?" *Alt + F4*

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Um, well I'm an adult, so my multitude of obligations pull me away from gaming.

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We all have a life, gaming is just a bonus when you have nothing important things to do and when I want to escape reality, gaming is all I need in my life for this reason and going to the movies helps as well.

  • My Daughter & Baby Mama
  • my Career
  • My Friends
  • Paying Bills

Those things will keep me away from playing my games but in another way, being an all PC gamer has it's benefits for me however.

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I’m going to have to go with what’s other’s have said and say pretty much anything and everything.

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As you get older you realize (or at least I did) that you have the power to take action that make changes in the world around you. If you're like me, you will do that to improve things, such as your home or your relationship, and you will get a sense of satisfaction out of it that, as far as I know, can't be matched by playing videogames. Videogames are loads of fun in the moment, but when you're done you don't really get to enjoy any fruits of your labor.

As an example, I could just do daily chores in my house, like mowing, and get roughly the same feeling as videogames, although still a little better because I can still view my work at the end of it, or I could make a larger project out of it and landscape it with entirely new grass (or a new layout) that ends with me having to mow less and increase my time for other things. Videogames on the other hand I have fun doing, but end up with nothing to show for it beyond being kind of bored with real life, which is really annoying when you stop and think about it.

Admitting that makes me feel a little old, but it also makes me empowered in a way that I never really understood (despite being alluded to by my Dad fairly often) as a kid.

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Bladder and food.

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Responsibilities, responsibility, love, affection, friendship, family, study, work, sleep, love, passion, thirst, hunger, joy, telephone, touch, bathroom, discomfort, eyes. All of this!

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Food and joy! It is clear to you! You are all behind this and sit there!)

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I don't game as much as I used to. Because it honestly makes me feel like a zombie. I'll only play for 2-4 hours a day. A better example would be that as I've matured, for some reason I have become picky with what I play. Which ultimately I only play maybe 1-2 games a year. Also enjoy games these days with more of the social/multiplayer aspect. Not over a mic...more couch co-op type games. (Mario Party, Overcooked, etc.) It makes me feel like less of a zombie and I can have a laugh rather than get frustrated at things when playing by myself.

So yeah, as a lot of the others have said...if I have obligations, I can't just forget about them.

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Probably bathroom games. I refuse to eat during a gaming session to get immersed, eat later of course :). I play a decent amount of 2-3 hours a day but that does not mean Im not hardcore about the games I play...I dedicate those hours and make the most of them lol. Typical life of student gamer.