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I saw that there is a special available for boosting any character to level 90 when you preorder Warlods of Draenor. 2 questions:

1) Is this still available? Would do this in heartbeat if so.

2) do you have to fully prepay to get the bonus, or is there just a minimum down-payment to receive it?

There are 2 classes I've always wanted to have a level 90 of but never had the patience to level. Wouldn't mind using this to get one of them.

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Q: Can I get a character boost immediately if I decide to pre-order a physical standard or Collector’s Edition from a retailer?

Players who purchase either the physical standard edition or physical Collector’s Edition from a retail store will get their character boost when they receive their copies at the launch of the expansion.

You don't have to pre-purchase. It's available currently but you don't have to do preorder to get it. It should come with the xpac even if you buy it at release. They're doing this with xpacs now more and more (can't remember if MoP did it, but Cata did) to get people back in playing at the same level as their friends. This is not some exclusive short-time thing, they WANT to boost people.