Firefox 26 bumps up security...

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#1 Posted by angeldeb82 (1517 posts) - letting users screen plug-ins!

All I can say is... Wow! :o

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#2 Posted by GazaAli (25216 posts) -

FF has become slow as ****. It got to the point where I really couldn't care less what they have to offer.

I've been loyal to FF for as long as I can remember. But admittedly the browser has become terrible. Its slow, it constantly crashes, its a resources hog and it keeps shitting updates on users every week and nothing gets fixed.

Three weeks ago I installed Chrome and I have seen the light. Its blazing fast compared to FF and way more stable and optimized. Granted there are a couple of FF features I miss but they wouldn't ever justify sticking with or going back to FF at this point.

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#3 Posted by 6_Dead_360s (1673 posts) -

Definitely too slow, and eats enough vram to make a difference on a 1GB card while gaming

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i recently switched back to firefox because of ad blocker plus. before that i was using chrome but i got tired of the youtube commericals at the start of every freaking video.

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I run both Adblock and NoScript, so this makes no difference to me.

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@helwa1988: You know that Google Chrome has Adblock right?