Finally saw Ergo Proxy - what nonsense!

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For some time now I've heard people liken Ergo Proxy to Ghost in the Shell (which I love) and despite both of them being philosophically based Ergo Proxy's plot just gets completely lost in the mumbo jumbo. Since several episodes take place during dream or hallucination sequences I found myself not able to recognise what was real, what was delusion, what was important to understanding the plot, or even understanding where they were or what was happening.


Episodes like the one where they are in that empty town and the lake, or the gameshow, or Pino's dream made absolutly no sense. It took me until near the end of the series to even realise that there were OTHER domes, or that half the places they had visited already were actually domes. I figured out very early that Vincent was a Proxy, but it was not until the final convoluted episodes that any of this was really explained.

When I finished the last episode I only had a brief understanding of the series, so I looked up some explainations and it was made so much clearer, but also served to only raise more questions, like:

If the escaping humans could create Proxy's, WombSys, the Domes, The Boomerang etc then what exactly was so hard about just living inside the Domes, or for that matter just clearing up the ecological disaster. I understand that the Proxy's and the Domes were a safeguard system to rebuild humanity and that the AutoRievs were a very last ditch effort should neither plan work, but with that level of technology (Proxy's are described several times as being "god like") why was it out of their reach to just fix the environment?

And then there's the characterisations and the fact that Re-l for several early episodes is portrayed as the protagonist before the whiny emo ***** Vincent steals the show. He's seriously an idiotic moron emo ***** who was so annoying.

In conclusion: while I liked some aspects of this show it was generally just garbage and such a vast waste of time as the world itself was not really explored - only the inner emo whiny blah blah thoughts of Vincent were explored and the entire plot and setting makes no sense. It seems to be like the plot was tacked on to philosophical writings and for that reason makes little sense.

What were your thoughts on the series?

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I liked the show but I was also very confused while watching it. Still, it's a lot better than the anime garbage that rolls out nowadays. I can't go into detail about Ergo's story though, sorry; I just don't remember.
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The main aspect I liked about that series was Pino.

Watching her develop emotions in a realistic manor, and her general back story were amazing.

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A lot of it is really pretentious and bloated which is a shame since it starts off so well but becomes really dreary in the middle. Didnt like the conclusion much either. Regardless, its an anime more for the ideas and themes it raises as well as the suffocating atmosphere.
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It has been several years since I watched it, but I remember liking the premise of the show and the art style was impressive. Unfortunately I quickly became terribly confused and lost interest.
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Started of good then dived into a whole a lot of nonsense.
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Good to see I'm not the only one who had issues!

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been planing to watch the series.

Hah what happend to the anime thread?

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Snakeeeee eaterrrrr! :D

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The show was an interpretation of a mix of events in the bible but if they happened several hundreds of years in the future.

The world was destroyed into a desolate wasteland almost as if the flood had happened. The purpose of the proxies were to rebuild society to be as normal; But part of the requirement to do so was that must die once their duty of rebuilding was completed.

Proxies were created and are meant to be the equivalent of angels. While much more powerful when they were created, they were not the "the chosen of god" like humans were.

As time went on, and the rebuilding process took far longer, the proxies became aware of their roles and resented it: Powerful beings but ultimately cursed. Many of them decided to rebel from their roles because they felt their sacrifice was unfair. Given time, they all eventually turned into the angel Lucifer.

The death of the proxies fulfilled their role, and allowed "noah's ark" to return from orbit to be able to rebuild.

It makes about as much sense as most stories in the bible (i.e. not a whole lot when looking at it logically)... And thats kinda the point.

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I don't see how people got confused by it, there were bits that were intentionally disorientating (dreams/delusions) but that seemed pretty well executed. Pretty hard to sell a dream to a conscious audience, since you tend to blindly believe what you should know is clearly fake, but that doesn't work so well when you're awake. I liked it. :?
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I haven't seen the show for a few years now. But I do remember liking it enough to finish watching the whole thing.

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One of the best animes I've watched. I think you just needed to pay closer attention if you were getting confused. Also your assessment of Vincent is dumb.