Fighting video game addiction.

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I have a real issue with gaming urges and addiction to play my games.

Sometimes I even lose cantrol and self cantrol is becoming a problem.

I should usually play games in afternoon to evening but I am playing all day.

This morning my girl came in with my dad and said why aren’t you spending time with us? As life is short to spend time as much as you can with your loved ones as much as possible and spend less to smaller amount of time on gaming.

I am not saying it’s not okay to play games at all. Play games but have a certain limit when you play and what hours you play.

Life is short for all of usand we have to get out of the house and keep the mind active.

Yesterday I worked in the garden and got off my game for a few hours.

If your going through the same thing, yeah speak out!

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#2 Posted by warmblur (2127 posts) -

I have a addictive personality I just accept it at this point the damage is done.

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It will come to a point where you will have to give up gaming.

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It's not an addiction, it's an overwhelming need that controls my life.

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This is exactly my story. I am addicted to Dota 2 and I always tell myself to stop playing it for a while but I cant. I spend my whole weekends playing it and I don't get to meet my friends and family because of it. I left it straight for 6 months and then started again. Seems like there's no solution to it.

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Just give away your gaming system. Problem solved.

You will not believe how depressed, unmotivated, and isolated it’s making you either. It’s literally ruining your life and you don’t even know it.

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I don't have a video game addiction.

I actually want to be able to play video games but never have the time to do so.

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I probably play to much, but eh there's worse I could be doing.

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@dreamygeek: I do think the addictive nature of video games comes from doing amazing things that feel like big accomplishments. Especially with multiplayer games that are dynamic and constantly changing. If you do feel like your gaming habits are interfering with your life, I would recommend meditation (an app like Headspace is really good) and journaling to help you. Write down how you feel before you have the urge to play a game. Explain in your terms why you decided to play instead of doing x, y, z. Once you become aware of your urges and emotions, it's easier to control them. Not saying it will happen overnight, but it does help.

Hope this works.

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@omegamaster said:

It will come to a point where you will have to give up gaming.

I agree with this statement. I used to be addicted so much, then I just felt like not playing anymore because I realized that I have other more important things to do. I advise everyone who's addicted to reflect on your life and decide on your priorities.

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Write down a list of the things you want to achieve in life, its a good way to overcome addiction because it can be a barrier to your ambitions. I play a couple of hours a day, but gaming is always on my mind, distracting me from studies because nothing seems as fun as getting yourself lost on your console pc or whatever.

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I used to play videogames alot when I was younger but out grew it. If I do play it's usually for an hour or two at night and that's it.

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I use gaming as a reward system after I found that I was developing bad habits. I set rules for myself.

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@Gaming-Planet said:

I don't have a video game addiction.

I actually want to be able to play video games but never have the time to do so.

This is me also lol

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I have an addictive personality. However i don't care anymore if it's good for me or not. I have a short attention span and maybe dissociative identity disorder..? Meh..

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Let go. Begin again.