Favourite Paul Walker movie of all time?

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It's about 8 months after he past away. So can I ask you which one of Paul Walker films you've enjoyed the most?

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There is no favorite Paul Walker movie. The Fast and the Furious (2001) is the only not totally suckish Paul Walker film I have seen.

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Where he's a central character, Running Scared. Nothing great but was good fun. Not a big Fast & Furious fan myself.

Varsity Blues was on last night that was pretty good, but he was more a supporting character, same for Pleasantville. He was also the dick friend in She's All That, but Freddy Prince Jr was the bigger heart throb in that one.

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Paul Walker? I heard he is gunna kill in Fast 7!

Favorite Paul Walker movie though? Fast and the Furious 1 wasn't all bad.

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fast and furious 1

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Every Paul Walker movie is the same, so how can one pick a favorite?

I like Urban Dictionary's definition of Paul Walker:

Paul Walker

An American Actor who plays the character of Paul Walker in every movie. Possesses virtually no range, negligible skill, and a knack for turning dramatic scenes into lifeless, ordinary pieces of cinematic disappointment.

Eric: What do you think about Paul Walker starring as the new Batman??

"rational" Eddie: I think the real question is, do you really want to see Batman starring as Paul Walker.

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Either Varsity Blues or Flags of Our Fathers.

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I have no favorite Paul Walker movie.

The man represented everything wrong with Hollywood.

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Best Martin Lawrence movie of all time??!!???

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probally Varsity Blues or Running Scared.. he def wasnt the best actor, but his movies were enjoyable

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Fast and Furious 1 I guess.