ESPN 3 remote access - how do I enable this?!

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"If you already get at home and activated remote access, sign in using the myESPN link in the upper right hand corner. In order to activate remote access, you must sign in through your affiliate Internet Service Provider."

My home ISP is Charter and through that ISP I have access to ESPN3. At my apartment at university, my ISP is Time Warner, which does not give me access to ESPN3. The site says I need to sign in through my " affiliate Internet Service Provider". How do I sign in through Charter? I already have a myESPN account set up. I talked to someone from Charter via webchat to get help but they were pretty much useless.

Can anyone please help me? I really wanna watch some World Cup games online, among other things.

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I know this is a stupidly late reply, and I hope you've already figured it out by now, but in case you haven't, here we go:

When you're at home, sign into your ESPN3 account. Once you've logged in, click the remote access button and you'll go through some steps to sync your account.

My question is, what ISP's have the remote access ability?