Du Pont heir rapes toddler daughter, spared prison

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Reminds me of the case with the pretty blond teacher who raped one of her students. The judge said she was too pretty for prison.

Shit like that and this is why I don't vote anymore. I honestly wouldn't mind if the US crashed and burned...

lol.. that seems like a rather severe conclusion to come to based off a few fucked up court cases...

Yes, because those couple of court cases are the only problems we have in the good ole US of A. As far as me not voting... I've come to the conclusion that there are no true differences between the liberals and conservatives in our government. The almighty dollar is THE ONLY thing that matter in regards to "justice" and "freedom" in a capitalistic society.

so it would be cool w/ you if the country "crashed and burned" because the countries has some problems?

The US government bails out rich wall street while 47 million Americans struggle with poverty and hunger. Conservatives push to cut out SS and SNAP benefits, aka "the safety net" for the poor. The infra-structure of the country is crumbling while we send tax dollars to foreign countries and occupy them with our military, no jobs for millions of Americans, gangs have taken over neighborhoods and cities, crazies shoot up movie theaters and universities almost daily. That's a lot more than "some problems".

So yes, I'd be cool with seeing our economy implode and the rich have their money become useless so they could experience those problems like the rest of every day people.

hmm.. never thought about it that way. i guess it makes sense. we should reduce the rest of the population to utter desperation in order teach those evil rick folks a lesson in poverty. i'm sure that's a solution to our problems.