Dont You Hate It When Mean People Call You Bad Names?

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#1 Posted by Andrew_is_basic (4138 posts) -

its a downer all right.

but I keep my head up :).

what about you folks?

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#2 Posted by skullkrusher13 (8629 posts) -
Umm, no. The only reason people call other people names is to make up for their own inadequacies, its called displacement.
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#3 Posted by Genetic_Code (13125 posts) -
I agree. They should constructively criticize. Calling names only adds negativity.
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#4 Posted by fear2max (442 posts) -
i don't know i don't get called names i just call people names. don't be emo it's just words.
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#5 Posted by Luncbox1 (4543 posts) -

I'm never insulted. Seriously. I'm simply never insulted. I know that's probably hard for you all to believe, but I cannot recall a single time I've ever been insulted (not counting over the internet).

So I can't really relate to your situation, although I sympathize.

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#6 Posted by -Twilight- (8931 posts) -
If a mean person calls me a name, it was probably expected.
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#7 Posted by Andrew_is_basic (4138 posts) -

i don't know i don't get called names i just call people names. don't be emo it's just words.fear2max

so your a mean feeling hurter :(

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#8 Posted by Dark__Link (32653 posts) -
I only get called good names...
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#9 Posted by Andrew_is_basic (4138 posts) -

I only get called good names...Dark__Link

ok im curious now lol :)

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#10 Posted by msudude211 (44518 posts) -
It doesn't really bug me anymore.
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#11 Posted by Andrew_is_basic (4138 posts) -

It doesn't really bug me anymore.msudude211

why so follow wanderer?

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#12 Posted by TheHimura (9297 posts) -

Whenever I hear that phrase, I always think of the 2Pac song for some reason. :lol:

Anyway, no I'm not 7 anymore.

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#13 Posted by killer_is_me (1939 posts) -
I never get called bad names.
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#14 Posted by tehfireballer (296 posts) -
I dont really hate it, because I just use what they say against them. My friend called me a big fat sweaty geek becuase i beat him at cod4. He is tenth prestige now, and every time i hang outwith him i say "who's the big fat sweaty geek now???"
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#15 Posted by thegame458 (1326 posts) -
Names really don't matter
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#16 Posted by General_X (9137 posts) -
Never really had problems with it personally, but seeing others do it makes me angry.
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#17 Posted by desktopdefender (1415 posts) -

Lol i used to get called names like in year 3.......Now im with the cool crowd8)

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#18 Posted by freshgman (12241 posts) -

:lol: what are you four?

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#19 Posted by Hoobinator (6899 posts) -

:lol: what are you four?


:| Maybe he's sick of the regularity of it. Day after day after day of the same dehumanising garbage isn't something that is easily deflected.

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#20 Posted by PBSnipes (14621 posts) -
No because I can usually call them a worse name, and as we all know 2 wrongs make a right.
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#21 Posted by Blood-Scribe (6465 posts) -
No, because I usually tend to come right back at them. I know how to verbally abuse people.
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#22 Posted by gearsofAK (210 posts) -
Yeah those meanies!! They hurted my feelinz those big bullies!! Haha.
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#23 Posted by randy_123r (2482 posts) -
Well I obviously don't like it, but I try to ignore like any other person would. Letting it get to your head is just making yourself look stupid
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#24 Posted by MAILER_DAEMON (45906 posts) -

I haven't been called bad names in real life in quite some time... although one of the chefs at the place I worked at was a complete jerk. I've actually been called more bad names here on GS than I have in about 7 years, which is kinda sad when you think about it. Comes with being a mod I guess.

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#25 Posted by DanteSuikoden (3427 posts) -
On the rare occasions no because it can't be half as bad of what I think about them. I don't like it when my friends pick on "nerds" though. I kinda wish I wasn't part of the crowd I;m in because it's hard to find a true friend. I can think of 5 true friends I have at my school.
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#26 Posted by Bloodbath_87 (7586 posts) -
Umm, no.skullkrusher13
So you like it when people call you names?
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#27 Posted by JumpingMirrior (11495 posts) -
It used to bug me back in elementry/middle school. By the time High School came, i toughed up. I realized that while i will be nice to though nice to me, but those who dont respect me, i dont disrespect them back, i simply ignore them.
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#28 Posted by cheetah_TM (7053 posts) -
My tounge just twists up when I get insulted, so I just ignore it. Then later I keep thinking about all the things I could've said in return, and it just bugs the hell out of me.
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#29 Posted by maxxor2006 (85 posts) -
usually people just call other people names to just look cool and stuff but in the end they always fail in life pathetically
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#30 Posted by Premier1101 (13515 posts) -
no, cause i know they put down to bring themselves up... and I know that Im better than that
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#31 Posted by Robinho1873 (1066 posts) -
Well maybe if my name was Andrew_is_simple.
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#32 Posted by UltimateXShadow (2312 posts) -

I tend to either get offended or laugh when someone calls me a "bad name," depending on who it was and what he/she called me.

For example, when someone calls me a "bad name" that pertains to sexuality, I always laugh.

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#33 Posted by SpootyHead (2702 posts) -
I get satisfaction that I was able to make someone call me a bad name, and then I get my revenge or I just make an ass of myself.
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#34 Posted by dragonball3900 (8511 posts) -

I rarely get called a "bad name" when it isn't a joke or something from someone I know well.

When it's someone I don't know well, and I feel they really mean what they are saying I verbally tear them apart.

I can thank you guys for having the skills to do that in the blink of an eye. :P

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#35 Posted by xXcArLBXx (334 posts) -
weird topic this you would expect everyone to say "yes i hate it when people call me names" but it;s just like a trick off the mind you are letting the abuser get to you simply ignore them and block out the abuse and you should be fine.

If you disagree with what i am saying, don't say i am wrong because i am not you have the patience to ignore some one mentally or not.

P.s. careful ignoring people sometimes as it could been seen as being rude and they could get physical. (common problem)

If you do call or abuse people grow up because you wouldn't like to get put through bullying yourself (treat people how you would want to be treated) :)
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#36 Posted by Dead-Prez (270 posts) -
no i really dont care what people call me
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#37 Posted by fuzzmuffin (1114 posts) -
Doesn't really affect me..can't exactly remember the last time I was called a name..