Does anyone know what controller this is?

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few weeks ago i was browsing a local website where people can sell their stuff, just like ebay but local for my country when i stumbled upon this controller:

I didn't recognize it but after a little research i found out that it looks like the amazon game controller it looks quite like it but it's not it, i made the guy who sells the controller send me pictures from all angles, it has no branding, no model number or anything so i thought it was a ripoff but even ripoff sometimes has a branding and you could find them if searched but i didn't even find this ripoff anywhere, i know i'm making a big deal out of this but i want to know if it's a ripoff or an independent controller, anyway thanks.

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It’s a ripoff

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Looks to be some kind of third-party Xbox/Windows controller judging by the ABXY layout.

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I will go with third party controller for now, but i'm planning on buying it to make sure, thanks for help.