does anyone else have their own personal unform? or something that you...

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#1 Posted by Xeros606 (11126 posts) -
...'always' wear? most of the time i wear brown cargo shorts, black chucks, and a t-shirt, usually black.
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#2 Posted by atony12 (960 posts) -

yep cargo shorts,t shirt,and shoes (reebok)

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#3 Posted by vidplayer8 (18548 posts) -

last year I wore black for the most part. not like gothic or emo, just baggy black genes, black addidas and a black shirt.

Now I've expanded.

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#4 Posted by black_cat19 (8212 posts) -
My uniform would be baggy jeans and band/anime tees with nike tennis shoes, all black, my entire wardrobe is black.
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#5 Posted by psn_Jaimzl (1241 posts) -
blue jeans white t-shirt with a black or white sweater almost all winter (of course not the same blue jeans and white t-shirts)
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#6 Posted by shahchip (1282 posts) -
solid colour shirts and jeans
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#7 Posted by rapsrule4 (968 posts) -
sports team t shirt and basketball shorts
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#8 Posted by Zathic (1948 posts) -

Blue jeans and a t-shirt.

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#9 Posted by worthyofnote (21896 posts) -
Shirt, jeans, shoes.
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#10 Posted by AlternatingCaps (1714 posts) -

Blue jeans and a t-shirt.


This+sandals or tennis shoes amd jacket depending on the weather

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#11 Posted by -Exclusiive- (213 posts) -
I actually have a uniform, a school uniform that is. I wear it for most of the year other than dress down days.
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#12 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -
Usually blue stuff.
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#13 Posted by Hewkii (26339 posts) -
shirt, shorts, sandals.
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#14 Posted by R0cky_Racc00n (5088 posts) -
Band shirts and Polos are my style.
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#15 Posted by quiglythegreat (16886 posts) -
suring the summer I usually wear some shorts, either cargo shorts or just some athletic shorts. I were some t-shirt usually, whatever I can find to wear, and flip flops.
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#16 Posted by hongkingkong (9368 posts) -

I usually wear jeans because they never go out of fashion.

Grey is in this winter so I'm stocking up o nazi uniforms ;)

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#17 Posted by FunkWeasel (2508 posts) -

Cargo Pants, Black Casual Sneakers (Usually New Balance or Adidas), High Socks, Black T-Shirt, and assorted casual button down shirts with odd patterns:

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#18 Posted by AnubisCraig (8627 posts) -
Black shirt, dark jeans, black shoes. If I'm laying about the house, it differs, but thats what I always wear on a night out.
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#19 Posted by The_Ish (13913 posts) -
I always wear my watch my pops gave me and my Mets baseball cap.
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#20 Posted by Matt-4542 (8002 posts) -

World Industries shoes.
Red jacket.

I wear my Bullet For My Valentine shirt atleast Once a week.