Do you use a geeky video game ringtone or notification sound on your phone?

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I am currently using the World of Warcraft sound effect/music when you turn a quest in with my text messages. I like it. :)


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Yes, I use part of the Mirrors Edge Catalyst theme on my phone and before that I had GTAV Micheal and Trevor's ringtones for my ringtones how nerdy is that. lol

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I use the Codec ring sound from Metal Gear Solid as my ring tone. And the best part is that no one could tell what it is.

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My ringtone:

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I considered it "everyday epicness."

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My ringtone:

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Got the idea from "The Gifted" where Stephen Moyer's character's cell phone was a midi version of this song in a nod to the original X-Men cartoon.

Previous ones I've had include the FF7 Victory Fanfare, the "birthday" ringtone from Happy Death Day, the chorus from Chacarron, and the cursed ringtone from the original Japanese version of One Missed Call.


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Years ago I had the Mario theme played on my Ngage, but currently on my iPhone I play the Gremlins theme.

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I used this at one time from DS3.

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Nothing game related at the moment. I do have the opening chord from A Hard Day's Night as my message tone though.

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....Yeah I actually have Gwyn's Theme as my ring tone. All my other notification sounds are using the phones built-in selection...

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this was my ringtone for a while

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@nepu7supastar7: Same here dude! Also got the alert noise for text message sound.

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A while back I had the sound of a trophy on the PS3 popping as my text tone. I should do that again with my new phone, I always enjoyed it.