Do you think an android would want to be friends with you?

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I have a habit to say please and thank you to Siri whenever she helps me. I wouldn't treat an android with disrespect or treat them like a slave. I guess we could make art together and philosophize about the Cosmos.

How about you? What would you do with a newly purchased android? Would you make them do all your chores? I would just do the chores together. Teamwork. I'm not really interested in a sex android. Just a friend.

Watching gameplay of Detroit: Become Human got me thinking this, I haven't played it yet though. I actually don't have too much friends right now and I don't talk to them often and I kind of want an android friend who understands me. I know androids won't be invented in our lifetime but I believe in reincarnation.

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I wouldn't treat them like a slave, but I'm also pretty certain they would want to eventually off me anyway after awhile. I'm not exactly the most likable of people. Too off for most, and I have random days where I end up withdrawing from those around me.

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@baelnergal: Oh wow, I hope they wouldn't want to do that to you. I think androids are designed to be neutral. I think they would only hurt and punish an evil person, but not murder.

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I'm a very casual person and I don't like to "control" others. So in short, yeah probably.

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Yeah I'd treat them alright.

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It’s a machine, nothing more, and any personable impression it makes is nothing but an illusion through anthropomorphistic traits. I’d treat it the exact same way I treat a car, vacuum, dishwasher, electric razor, or computer: completely indifferent past the point of the utility it provides me and what is required to keep it functional. Until we advance AI enough where we can create truly sentient and self-aware androids where it could be proven they feel emotions, the only consideration in my treatment of them would be driven purely out of self-interest.

If they were self-aware, would they want to be friends with me? I don’t know. Depends if they were created with differing experiences and personality traits that would make us compatible or not. If they were created neutral with no experiences or personality but were made self-aware, that would be an incredibly cruel thing to do, and I probably wouldn’t want to be friends with them as they’d be an immense bore, not to mention it’d be very difficult to witness such a vapid existence. I believe any android made in such a way would suffer immensely.

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I’d like to think so. I would treat them respectfully myself and probably enjoy discussing things with them like how they may “think” or “feel” about various things.

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As long as Androids don't think like a Geth in Mass Effect, we can be friends.

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@davillain- said:

As long as Androids don't think like a Geth in Mass Effect, we can be friends.

The reapers were bad. Geth not so much.

Edit: If we are talking androids like in Detroit Become Human I hope at least some of them would consider me a friend if we get to know each others.

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No, I would just treat them as basic robots who were mass produced for customers to relieve some of the daily human responsibilities.

If they act and look like androids from Detroit: Become Human than that would be a different story because they would be capable of emotions and feelings. In this age of technology and social media I could see more people becoming more friendly towards androids than other humans.

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