Do you mainly shop online or in-store?

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I'm an online shopper. Just because most of the time it can be cheaper and convenient. Always a better selection too. I don't drive either because I live right near a train station.

Back when I was younger online ordering I found to be a lot of fun. The anticipation I'd get waiting for the package to arrive. That feeling has faded now though. :(

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In-store for clothing and shoes as I want to try them out first, make sure they fit right. Same for other trivial stuff. I mostly shop online for electronic and technology products.

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Online 60/40.

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Seems like the only thing I buy physically in-store is food and things I need right away.

Everything else is online. I try to avoid Amazon if I can, which is hard because A.) they have everything, and B.) they are cheapest, and C.) free shipping as I am a Prime member.

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I used to buy everything online, but after I started working out heavily a few years ago, I only buy clothes in person after trying them on. Back when I was schlubby I didn’t care how they fit.

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I always do my shopping in stores. I just prefer going out and getting the tactile feedback that online shopping can’t provide. I also just prefer being able to go out and get what I want right away instead of having to wait for it to be delivered.

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Online. Though I do like thrift stores and locally owned stores.

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Online, I only really buy stuff at the store if I really need it urgently.

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Online, never liked shopping. Having to talk to people etc...

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Electronics such as computer parts? Online, of course. Groceries? Locally, of course.

Veggies and meat? Locally. Sometimes, we go straight to the source (farm or ranch). The less middlemen, the lower the prices, the more quantity.

I kinda miss Upstate New York because we lived in the middle of Amish country. We always bought fresh fruits/produce and Amish food from roadside stands.

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Clothes - 50/50

Video games - Predominantly online.

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@rastamunson: True! Welcome to the forums. :)