Do you listen to music while playing games?

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#1 Posted by GerardoExber (128 posts) -

What I mean with this question is:

Do you actually turn off the sound of the game and listen to music from your Cellphone or Ipod while playing?

My answer: Sometimes, I used to do that in the past.

Thanks for Reading/Answering :)

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#2 Posted by bob_toeback (11267 posts) -

I used to do it a lot more in the past too, but I think thats mainly because the games I've been playing recently have important soundtracks that help the games in atmosphere: Hotline Miami and Fallout. For games like Halo, Sarges Heroes or the likes, I will often listen to some old cassette tapes or something, just the thing to do :P I normally don't mute the games, but turn them down. Sometimes it can really add to it, and I find listening to those songs again, can bring on some nostalgia of the games I had played while listening to them before. That's applicable to everything though.

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#3 Posted by comp_atkins (34246 posts) -

95% of the time i don't

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#4 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (1439 posts) -

Only during boss fights or when in a part of the game that I can't beat a certain amount of enemies. Dante's Inferno and God of War had me put my iPod on for some motivation. Who's Your Daddy by Lordi is pretty hilarious during those times. Really helped me get through lol.

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#5 Posted by Perfect_Blue (29821 posts) -

If I'm playing solo queue in Dota 2, yes. Otherwise... eh, not really.

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I never use a cell phone or ipod but sometimes I do crank up my stereo and listen to a variety of music while gaming, usually not though.

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#7 Posted by megagene (23153 posts) -

Nope. Generally speaking, I really tend to like the in-game music and I also want to be able to clearly hear all of the voice acting/dialogue and sound effects.

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@GerardoExber said:

Do you actually turn off the sound of the game and listen to music from your Cellphone or Ipod while playing?

Yeah, but only if the game isn't going to require the audio. If I'm playing multiplayer like Battlefield, then I usually mute the game and turn on my iPod. I have to listen to the audio when playing single player though.

There truly is nothing quite like blasting The Lone Ranger, Man of Steel, or Pacific Rim themes as stuff gets real in Battlefield.

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Not very often. Maybe if I'm playing an online shooter or a sports game (which aren't genres I usually play).

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No. I prefer the in-game music and sounds to retain the immersion. Though in some cases I guess "outside" music can actually add to the game.

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#11 Posted by Master_Live (18815 posts) -

Yes I do. For GTA I listen to the dialogue for the mission (wouldn't waste that great voice acting) and then proceed to put my headphones and listen to some soundtracks: Batman Begins, TDK, Batman 89' or Returns, The Mission, The Untouchables, Rocky 1-6 and many others or just Pandora. I do the same with Forza.

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#12 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -

sometimes. mostly on racing games, as i like my music better than what the game uses.

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Only if I'm playing multiplayer by myself.

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#14 Posted by GerardoExber (128 posts) -

@bob_toeback: I know this is appicable to many other things, but I know the answer already, I wanted to know from you gamers.

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#15 Posted by GerardoExber (128 posts) -

@-paranorman-: During boss fights? Wow

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#16 Posted by harry_james_pot (11397 posts) -

Aside from the GTA custom radio thingy, never.

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#17 Posted by vl4d_l3nin (1091 posts) -

racing, grinding, some multiplayer.

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#18 Posted by Gaming-Planet (18545 posts) -

Almost never, unless it's GTA or a fighting game.

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#19 Posted by ad1x2 (6583 posts) -

I haven't done it in awhile. When I did do it I would just plug my Zune into my Xbox 360 since you can disable the in-game music but still listen to the background sounds and speech so you don't miss something important.

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#20 Posted by bob_toeback (11267 posts) -

@GerardoExber said:

@bob_toeback: I know this is appicable to many other things, but I know the answer already, I wanted to know from you gamers.

I meant more in the sense of music bring on nostalgia for other things, but I diggit

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Sometimes, Mostly when grinding in games like Diablo or whatever.

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#22 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (1439 posts) -

@GerardoExber: Yeah, it pumps me up more when the boss fight music is not motivating. God of War and Dante's Inferno just sound like regular backround music or no music at all. I have more games but those are the best examples of non motivating boss music. I like to rock out during these things. Makes me open up a can of ass whooping.

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#24 Posted by Lockoss (25 posts) -

Sometimes when I played multiplayer but now I'm on skype.

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#25 Posted by mems_1224 (56914 posts) -

Sure, when Im playing a sports game or any other game that doesn't have a decent story or music.

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#26 Posted by lamprey263 (34376 posts) -

no, games have their own soundtrack designed to have dramatic effect with the narrative

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#27 Posted by kingdre (9456 posts) -

Nope. Too distracting.

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#28 Posted by XxR3m1xInHDn3D (2365 posts) -

Depends what game it is

If I'm playing Civ V, LoL, DotA 2 or a game like Geometry Wars or Peggle then yes. It ruins the atmosphere/immersion in games that aren't like the ones I listed.

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#29 Posted by Dogswithguns (11357 posts) -

I actually like listening the sound from the games.. so no.

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Only racing games. Most times the soundtrack that ships with the game(s) are shite, so I use my own.

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No. Most of those games have their own soundtrack, and playing something else over it just dilutes the experience.

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Multiplayer games yes. Solo queue in DotA 2/LoL without music gets lame real fast.

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Only while playing racing games (Where I turn off in-game music while leaving the SFX up), or if i'm playing a long grind out type game where i'm required to farm something and the music in game isn't something I care to listen to....

I play games mostly on my PC now so I just leave my music player going while racing or playing a grind out game that way I can hear in game sounds while listening to my music without any sacrifices...

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#36 Posted by LexLas (7206 posts) -

Nope sure don't. But it would be cool to have it as an option. Back in the day Sega used to have that option, where you can load in a cd with music, and copy to the hardrive, and you actually could go into the game settings and pick the songs you just put as the background music during the game. Sega was the shit back then. Now with all this copyright crap, not sure if thats possible.

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I have my own playlist when I play Devil May Cry 3, 4, and Fairy Bloom Freesia, but thats about it.

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If i'm doing a story, like in an RPG or something, no, but often times yes I will, or listen to some shows on youtube

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Sometimes I will listen to Skyrim soundtrack while playing other video games.

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@depends on the game = Japanese and Korean games have great music and I'll very often play Kpop or Persian music while I am playing a western game

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Only with arcade games I listen to different music. Story games though, no. I feel as part of the game's world.

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Yeah, nothing beats lying on the floor playing Mario Kart and listening to your favorite songs................................................