Do you like Winter?

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Posted by warmblur (3003 posts) 3 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Do you like Winter? (40 votes)

Yes 60%
No 20%
Sometimes 30%

I have a love and hate relationship with Winter mostly hate these days I like playing video games and watching movies set in Winter it creates a great atmosphere. But in real life it can be really draining especially if you have seasonal affected disorder which I have. So for me the first few weeks of Winter aren't to bad but by late January I had enough and start to feel really down with not much energy I dread Winter at this point in my life what about you?

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#1 Posted by johnd13 (9787 posts) -

Sometimes. Like you said, it's a great season to just cozy up inside and play video games/watch movies. Though I don't like that it gets dark so soon.

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#2 Posted by CrimsonBrute (25468 posts) -

Absolutely. I love the cold.

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#3 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4980 posts) -

No. I've had to work out in sub-zero temperatures and it's not fun at all. With cold, snow may appear at some point. I hate shoveling snow. Booo Winter and boo the cold.

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#4 Posted by VagrantSnow (376 posts) -

Used to love winter when I was younger and there's still a lot of things I enjoy about it. The early nights, coming in from the cold and being cosy indoors, snow at Christmas if it bothers to snow. These days, however, I look forward more to the warm sunny days where I don't have to put on so much clothes and the quiet, light evenings.

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#5 Posted by Ezekiel43 (1792 posts) -

Yes, because the sun goes down quicker and I get to watch my movies earlier.

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#6 Posted by ProtossRushX (5696 posts) -

Fall is the best Spring is 2nd best and winter is 3rd for me Summer is the damn worst

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#7 Posted by SaltSlasher (1313 posts) -

I love winter. Even though I don't snowboard/ski like I use to, I just love the snow.

I don't think we actually have greatest snow on earth, but it is amazing.

These days though, I hate the inversion, so winter use to be my favorite cause could breath real nice, but winter is usually when get sickish. I just prefer to shovel snow at night, than mow nasty grass, which I wnat to get rid of.

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#8 Posted by uninspiredcup (35031 posts) -

I love winter. At least when it snows. Only snowed twice this year.

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#9 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (19272 posts) -

Living in Australia, yes, I love Winter!

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#10 Posted by SOedipus (11578 posts) -

When I was living in Australia, I liked winter. I would wear t-shirts and shorts during the day, but it got chilly at night. Much easier to sleep at 5-10 degrees, rather than 27 degrees (bluh).

The thing I hate about it in Canada is driving and other vehicle issues.

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#11 Posted by mrbojangles25 (44381 posts) -

June just started and I'm already sick of the sun and heat. I WANT WINTER BACK!

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#12 Edited by Speeny (1970 posts) -

Yep. Easier to get warm, harder to cool off in the summer.

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5d693385560c3 (666 posts) -


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#14 Posted by npiet1 (2519 posts) -

Gets to -4'c without snow. So I hate it. In summer it's +40'c. I also hate it. I like spring and autumn when it's around 24'c.

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#15 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4980 posts) -

Just watched Fargo to remember what Winter was like and boy do i not miss it.

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#16 Posted by Horgen (121144 posts) -

@mrbojangles25 said:

June just started and I'm already sick of the sun and heat. I WANT WINTER BACK!

You know winter depression is a thing?

Northern Europe sees a great difference in the amount of daylight between summer and winter. It's no fun when it is getting dark as you are heading home from work.

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#17 Posted by foxhound_fox (98035 posts) -


I live in a place that reaches -40°C in the winter. That is before windchills. And unlike a lot of those sissy places like Vancouver or Toronto, we don't shut everything down. In late January to mid February, there are years where it's -25 to -40 the entire time. Life must go on, even when it's cold enough to freeze exposed skin in 2 minutes, and there is two feet of snow on the ground.

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#18 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31605 posts) -

Summer is too bright and too hot, so yes.

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#19 Posted by MirkoS77 (14465 posts) -

I’m 41 and just lived through my first winter ever in Pennsylvania (I lived pretty much the entirety of my life in Hawaii up till now).

Loved it. Yea, shoveling snow can be a pain but it’s great to have a bit of variety and unpredictability in the weather. Fall is what sucked ass. Raking leaves every other day? Ugh. No thanks.

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#20 Posted by Peasly (345 posts) -

I like the cold but hate working in the dark on my pc at 6:15 am. Does not seem to get light until 9am. Goes dark around 4pm. (in UK). Depressing..

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#21 Posted by mandzilla (4190 posts) -

Of course, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Plus I get to make full use of my collection of hats.

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#22 Edited by comp_atkins (35864 posts) -

the longer i've lived the more i hate winter.

a big jump in my dislike was getting a dog and have to walk him early in the morning when it's 2 damn degrees out and i still have residual warmth from being in a cozy bed and nature is like "nope, **** you, you're going to be cold now"

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#23 Posted by titanraven (51 posts) -

Hell yes!!!

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#24 Posted by Litchie (24336 posts) -

Sometimes. But here in Sweden, the winter is really long, really cold and really dark. This gets very lame long before the winter is over. There's a reason we celebrate spring as much as we do.

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#25 Posted by Justifys (2 posts) -

Yes. I like it.

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#26 Posted by shellcase86 (4528 posts) -

Yes. I live in a tropical state with oppressive heat 9/12 months of the year. Winter at least cuts the humidity and drops the temp. 25 - 40 degrees.

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#27 Posted by brimmul777 (4137 posts) -

Freaking hate winter now that I am middle age and finding it harder and harder as I get older. Never thought of it when I was younger, but I think if I have a good amount of money in the near future or retirement, I'm probably going to be a snow bird. Never thought of being that way, but people change as they get older.

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#28 Posted by ice_radon (70369 posts) -

Sometimes and depends. Winter is very different depending if you are in Duluth, MN vs. Miami, FL vs. Seattle, WA, and that's only the continental US. Are you referring more closely to the "cold, snowy" winter?

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#29 Posted by DaVillain- (38094 posts) -

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