Do you go on any other forums?

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I only really post on here anymore, used to be an addict on PlanetMinecraft (lol). I've tried IGN, but the layout and community is horrible.

EDIT: Also, have you ever met any GS users on those other sites?

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#2 Posted by Allicrombie (26207 posts) -
There are other forums??
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I dunno if reddit counts, but that's about it. I don't like the community there though.

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Yeah it's got a lot of nice people there tew.
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I got to, xda sometimes since I got my nexus 4, sometimes on n4g on their main pages never their forums the ffxi forums on here and the official SE ones. That's about it.
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#6 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -


Daves Place


Mars Socialization Sanctuary(union)

Elite Gamers of OT(union)

few others i shall not name

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nope, this is it.
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I have a number of other guises in different forums.

Ars Technica




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There are other forums??Allicrombie


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edited OP

I've met Shadowmoses before, over on IGN.

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#12 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

I go to reddit frequently but really don't comment on much. Once in a while I'll also go to TheVerge's forums.

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#13 Posted by IdioticIcarus (2167 posts) -


And some medical and fitness/diet forums.

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reddit if that counts, and my own community forums

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I go to the personality cafe. A place where we talk about the myers briggs personality theory. It's a pretty good site and I remember a girl there named "aussiechick" though i'm not sure if it's the same one i've seen here.
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#16 Posted by Yusuke420 (2770 posts) -

This one almost exclusively, but it was a long road here. I posted on X-play's forums for years, then once the show kind of died in popularity, I shifted to posting on Then the community there died and I found that gamespot had some decent forums, I was on primary games exclusively for a bit, but I came here once I saw the amount of election talk and here I am :)

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Yeah, a couple others but don't post as much as here. Mostly visit this one every day while others I'm not as interested in. Trying to break a /b/ habit as well so addicting...

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I visit Reddit so much, but it's hard to participate in discussions so I don't feel like it should compare to Gamespot. I like both sites though.
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TDH Also have a forum called Dave's Place, Is looking for new members
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Don't post in either though

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#22 Posted by gamah_killah (13020 posts) -
Head-Fi.. it's amazing how much reading people's posts there make you want to become an audiophile.
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#23 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24514 posts) -

Just a couple others, but I don't really post very often these days.

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#24 Posted by Crunchy_Nuts (2749 posts) -
I like going to but I don't post there much.
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Yep, quite a bit of them, and thank god too for making me post less now.

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I mostly like to just concentrate on posting and discussing stuff here.
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Digital Spy

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No, not really. I occasionally post stuff on Amazon product's discussion, though.

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I only post in forums on this site

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Yeah, most of them are zetaboards though.
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No, not lately but Im looking for something new.. I used to be on playstation forums alot once.
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Not really.