Do you ever drop things?

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Don't feel too guilty about it, it's okay to make mistakes, sometimes. If you never drop things, can you please give us some tips on how to not? Are you more aware of what you are doing? Sometimes I feel like I'm a robot and do actions without much thought.

I dropped my laptop while it was on the edge of my sofa and my phone in the same week. This is probably the first time I ever dropped them since I got them. Sometimes I drop spoons or forks off my plate too or my PS4 controller.

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You seem like a super careful individual. Good for you.

I’ve dropped...

My iPhone about 3 to 4 times in the past 8 years. Then learned to get a hard case.

Dropped my car keys a couple of times.

Nothing else really. That’s about it...

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Well yeah. I'm human.

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There have been a couple (5?) years when I didn't make a mistake with anything I focused on doing and chose to do. I was so careful with everything I said and did. But since then I do make mistakes and although it never really ceases to annoy me I am starting to accept it, for good reason. I do say things I didn't mean to say, or use words in ways that I am not sure they were meant to be used. I do assume I placed a cup here or there and I'm wrong. I miscalculate some things, take guesses at TV quizzes. And even drop some things from time to time, yes.

Dropping things from time to time is something that happens when you live a 'normal' life. Or maybe I should say: when you live life somewhat 'normally.' There is a reason I started making mistakes and haven't stopped since. What really helped me to not make mistakes was a crippling fear to be judged by others for my wrongdoings and a fear to try anything new. And let's say... a not very friendly belief that being imperfect was something that didn't make sense and was more a matter of choice than something that happens to you: I just wasn't being careful and considerate enough and should learn to be a better person. Because I certainly didn't see other people making mistakes like I did. (In hindsight that was because I was only looking at myself.)

I wouldn't want to go back to that frame of mind. So I am slowly becoming somewhat OK with some of the mistakes I make and that is honestly, so far, a better and probably more healthy way to live life. It's good to be self aware sometimes and to criticise yourself. But there's always a limit to what is healthy and what is too much or too little. And the sooner you recognise these limits and things in yourself the better it is.

If you feel like you are dropping an awful lot of things, (and you are quite certain you are dropping more things than other people who roughly carry around the same amount of things,) just paying more attention to how you are holding something while carrying it and where you are going instead of focusing on all the thoughts and distractions (and especially asking yourself how you were holding something right after you dropped it) and slowing down a little, will probably help you a lot. You don't need to do that forever. Just a little to teach yourself to hold things properly. But I wouldn't go too far because that is just not worth it.

When you're saying you sometimes drop a PS4 controller, do you mean while playing games? Are you holding the controller with both hands when it happens or are you one of those people who likes to keep moving about and is playing around with the controller, tapping on it or swinging it about in one hand?

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@Litchie said:

Well yeah. I'm human.


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It's rare but it happens. Worst cases were me dropping my laptop and glasses. Both needed fixing afterwards.

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Yep. Luckily anything I've ever dropped hasn't been too significant though. It's been happening more often lately which is annoying, but oh well.

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@davillain- said:
@Litchie said:

Well yeah. I'm human.


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Recently dropped my iPhone cracked the screen luckily still works.

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@outworld222: Thank you, but I'm not very careful. I drop things sometimes.

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@KungfuKitten: Thanks for the tips! About the PS4 controller, I will set it on my lap when using my phone and it falls. Or when I try to charge it.

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No, I have never dropped anything in my life, butterfingers.

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@davillain- said:
@Litchie said:

Well yeah. I'm human.



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Only my 12-month old nephew. Damn thing is slippery! Dropped him right on his head. Oh, he's fine, don't worry.

I'm usually pretty careful, though, and I never drop my beer!

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yeah...!! infact throwing things is getting my habit in anger specially

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Well everyone drops things, but I do it very rarely. I drop my phone maybe once a year. Never dropped my kid *proud*