Do you drop or throw things? Here's what you can do.

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Like drop trash in the bin or throw laundry at the machine? Here's a tip to Enlightenment.


You can place things. It's may sound stupid at first, but doing this makes you respect the physical space presented before you that you see with your eye balls that the Gods made for you. Doing this will make you more patient and better than most people who are uninitiated. Even in public I stick my whole arm down the trash and place the trash. You can still throw objects to other people like basketball. You can alley-oop to someone and they can place it for you. Teach this to those in your life you love, let everyone else drop or throw things.

I wasn't going to share this to ya'll on Off-Topic because I'm selfish by nature but we want to help the Universe. We've discovered this insight while we were experimenting with legal drugs, now we live by it.

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i'm not going elbow deep into a trash can.

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I like to shoot my garbage in the bin. *Kobe!*

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@livingdeadman said:
Even in public I stick my whole arm down the trash and place the trash.

I really, really hope you wash your whole arm immediately after. If not...please stay away from me.

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should make going for a number two eventful.

literally /r/shittylifeprotips

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But, why should we be respecting the trash? It's literally trash. Discarded compost placed in a bin to be hauled off to a landfill because it stinks, is disease ridden, filthy, and no one wants it around. THAT'S HOW YOU GET ANTS.

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@Zuon: Yeah, maybe with trash it's going too far. Maybe when the bin is full one should place things. But people shouldn't drop or throw other objects and just place things. It will make you more peaceful.

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Gamespot threads today, amirite?

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@SOedipus said:

I like to shoot my garbage in the bin. *Kobe!*

Every guy does that!! *Cheers*