Do most of you still use the black background?

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Posted by gamerguru100 (12686 posts) 4 years, 1 month ago

Poll: Do most of you still use the black background? (81 votes)

Yes 88%
No 12%

I always used the black background pre-clusterfuck, but now, if I close the window and stay off GameSpot for X amount of time, I have to log in again and the default is white. I'm too lazy half the time to switch to black now. What's pissing me off is that I don't automatically stayed logged in. Unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'll just be sticking to white half the time.

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#1 Posted by thegerg (18267 posts) -

I don't know, but I know that I use it.

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#2 Posted by Judas_ (319 posts) -

The place looks so generic and bland on the white theme....................

Granted....Looks bland in black too...........

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I still use the dark backgboound with the lighter text, the look is fine except I wish the text box for typing comments was white like before

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I use dark on my PC. Sadly there is no option now on my phone to pick, so I am stuck with white, which drains the battery way faster than the dark background that I can't use does.

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#5 Posted by lensflare15 (6601 posts) -

I use the dark theme, but it'll switch for me too. If I'm on a different computer, I don't always bother to switch it back to dark, since the current white theme looks a hell of a lot better then the old one and I don't mind it so much.

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#6 Posted by 3eyedrazorback (16380 posts) -

I switch around, but I'm digging the white currently. I normally change once or twice a time when I get on just to see the difference.

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#7 Posted by the_bi99man (11242 posts) -

The white background is painful and terrible. So yeah, I use the dark background.

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I don't even know where the backround change is at so I use horrible white.

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#9 Posted by WiiCubeM1 (4735 posts) -

The white hurts my eyes.

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I just started using the site again since the change and I dunno how to change, but doing so would be great because the white is painful to look at.

EDIT: Nevermind.

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Of course.

I really don't like bright backgrounds in general.

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#12 Posted by TAMKFan (33244 posts) -

Yes. It's all I've used on both the old site and the new site.

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Yea, most of OT(92%) use the dark theme.

I use the light theme, like i have for the past couple years.

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#14 Posted by darthcobain17 (2414 posts) -

I totally use the black and always have. I've never liked the white background, it does nothing for me!! :)

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#15 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

I'm no racist .... but I use the black background ..... because it's easy for me to read white letter

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#16 Posted by Tqricardinho (477 posts) -

My default is black...

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#17 Posted by xdude85 (6319 posts) -

The white hurts my eyes, so yes I go with the black.

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#18 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

Yeah, hate the white.

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#19 Edited by Glitter (355 posts) -

I like white because it does not hurt my eyes at all or as much. But over all I prefer the black.

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#20 Posted by iampenguin (396 posts) -

Love the black background.

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#21 Posted by helwa1988 (2157 posts) -

the white theme is too hard on the eyes.

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the dark background makes the new interface more confusing than it really is to me. so yeah, i use white.

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They should really make the black background the site default. The site looks like shit in white.

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#24 Posted by Crunchy_Nuts (2749 posts) -

Yes, I don't like looking at white backgrounds, especially when the room is dark.

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#25 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

Heck yeah.

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#26 Posted by chessmaster1989 (30204 posts) -

The white background looks awful, so hell yeah.

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#27 Posted by gregbmil (2701 posts) -

I used to like 6 years ago, then I somehow turned it to white. And for the life of me I can not figure out how to get it back to black. it's been at least 6 years or so. Can someone tell me how to do it, lol?

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#28 Posted by foxhound_fox (96571 posts) -

There is only the black background.

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#29 Posted by GamingTitan (657 posts) -

well im an idiot and took me forever to even notice the little slider thing to be able to change it. lol I must say though that it looks a 1000% better with the black background~

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Yep. The white background is terrifying.

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#31 Posted by sukraj (27233 posts) -


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#32 Posted by blurguy6 (699 posts) -

I think the new forum looks better with the white background, black makes it look too gothic for some reason.

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@helwa1988 said:

the white theme is too hard on the eyes.

I agree.

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I've been using the white background for years. It's worse on my eyes to read white text on a black background than to read black text on a white background. Plus, most of the sites I visit regularly have use a white theme as the default - Facebook, The Verge, Google+, GMail, The Guardian, The Globe & Mail, etc.

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#35 Posted by Lone_Wolf_Lance (124 posts) -

Black background. Always.

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white background is too bright. it hurts me eyes. IMO black is better

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#37 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

You know, I never really tried the white background. I think I'll see what that's abou--


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#38 Posted by tocool340 (21105 posts) -

@the_bi99man said:

The white background is painful and terrible. So yeah, I use the dark background.

Yeah, this...

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#39 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -

Yeah and I use flux too, makes browsing at night much easier on the eyes.

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Been using black since forever, white is just too.. white

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i dont use the black backround now because there is too much orange on the forums with it on, the orange is to bright and it makes my eyes hurt.

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#42 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

I've been using the black background since I joined :p

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#43 Posted by Cynical_Buzzard (226 posts) -

I did not know I had an option of changing the background color, I am definitely going to change my background to black.

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#44 Posted by Dogswithguns (11357 posts) -

I love the black...

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#46 Posted by PsychoLemons (3158 posts) -

Absolutely but nothing beats the old Gamespot format one though.

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#47 Posted by HappinessForYou (33 posts) -

Black background looks great anyway.

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White is too bright and looks extremely plain.

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#49 Posted by sukraj (27233 posts) -