Did anyone from OT quit gaming and why?

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I did.Recently.Last game i completed was Quantum Break (PC) last year.This year I gave up gaming all together as I enrolled in a MBA class,taking a software technical training alongside a 8Hrs job.



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I've had spells were I haven't gamed for a while, but I think its dramatic to say your straight up quitting.

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Not me. Classes, work, family, and fitness never deterred me from gaming. I just took the time I needed to game from my sleep time.

Even when our first kid was born, I still gamed. I was stuck at home with nothing to do while keeping an eye on the kid...... Perfect time to game.

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Nope, but I had long breaks.

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Yes, kind of. Some issues arose with some of my kids at school revolving around what’s described as “middle school aggression”. Teachers should take notice the effects simple cell phone checks can have on your kids. So I won’t leave my 3DS on my desk or quickly check any social media.

Ugh trust me people teachers are underpaid. We aren’t paid to be parents but dealing with minds that aren’t fully developed is part of the job.

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No, never. Gaming in general is a pretty significant part of my downtime routines, along with TV and movies. I may spend more time with one or another from time to time, but with gaming there are so many different types of experiences to try that I think it would be hard to get bored with gaming as a concept (unless you limit yourself by playing on the same kinds of games, such as AAA FPS titles).


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Long breaks for sure. In fact if I’m lucky I only usually play 2-3 games a year. If I quit I probably wouldn’t be on this forum anymore. :P

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The only game I play now is chess on my phone. I spend more time watching videos nowadays than playing games.

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Nope. I seem to be less excited about games nowadays but I still like them.

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I took a break in the late 90's and that was it. Ever since GTA3 I haven't stopped nor wanted to. Gaming has helped my depression it's doesn't fix it but it's a nice distraction and escapism from my out look on life. Which is pretty bad to say the least lol but I don't care anymore I do what makes me happy not what society thinks I should be or wants me to be I'll never be a normie no offense to anybody that is.

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Yes but never from browser based games. Can’t seem to get away from those.

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Not entirely so, but I'm pretty close to having quit. I asked for and got Skyrim (which I intend to play the shit out of) for Christmas and the last game I played through was GTA 5 about two years ago. So basically I spend time on games once in a very rare while.

The reason is two fold, at first it was just that life got incredibly busy between school, work, and a girlfriend (who is now my wife) there just wasn't (and isn't) much time for gaming. It's pretty natural. The second reason is that as you get older you have a lot more in your life that you can do that actually changes the things around you. For example, if I alter my house in some way I get a tangible change that benefits me after I've done the work. Videogames are great for killing time, but at the end of it everything is the same as when you've started. There's nothing wrong with that, but you don't get the same rewarding feeling as you do when you have made some improvement in your life. It makes you not want to play games as much because you know there's a ton of stuff that can give far more rewarding experiences than sitting on a couch playing games by yourself.

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I still game here and there, but haven't been in the mood to play much lately.

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@warmblur: That's a good outlook man. Better to put yourself before others sometimes.

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Haven’t had time lately! WAY too busy at work.

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@speeny said:

If I quit I probably wouldn’t be on this forum anymore. :P

I lost count I want to say eight years, or was it 5? A Jodorowsky graphic novel freed my mind for a time. The Technopriests. I know if I re-read it, I will most certainly quit gaming, and OT again.

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I used to game all day every day and all night.....but then I finished college, started working more and more, got married. Started putting money towards vacations with my wife. I quit for a few years but have slowly gotten back into it, but I don't put any where near the same amount of time and money into it that I use to. My wife plays Sims4 and I play Assassin's Creed and Xcom for now.

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I can't game near as much as I used to be able to, but I still try to have a few drinks and game for an hour or so each day. It's how I relax and also part of the daily routine.

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Play about an hour of an evening, just before bed whilst my girlfriend settles our daughter. That's about it now. Used to play allllllllll the time, but can also have a few days/weeks break where it's not a conscious decision where I think "I must stop gaming for a while", but rather I'm just busy being more sociable, or watching Netflix more.

Occasionally, when the girls are out the house, I'll have a good Sunday afternoon session, but these are few and far between.

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Too much game no good but some game seen as therapy for elders. Very very useful for rehabilitating people. Vr will be bigger in medical field than in game.

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The time between the PS2 dying off, and the Switch releasing was my gaming break.

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I didn't give it up, but I definitely play a tiny fraction of what I used to. I still watch out for unique games and give them a spin once in a while.

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No but I want to.

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I've never given it up, but I have slowed down from time to time because I'd get into reading.

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What a strange question.

Considering most here are 2nd and even 3rd generation who have grown up with IT and gaming. it´s like asking have you quit TV, music or reading books.

So no I have not quit gaming nor will I probably ever quit, but then again who knows it all depends on the industry and if a few years, all we see are badly done top-down 2d indie games and battle royal/MP games.

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My backlog prevents me from even considering that.

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I haven't quit, however I have a hard time finding time to play. I also find that my ability to play games comes at goes with where my son is at in his development. When he was a newborn, I could strap him to my chest and play games. When he got older and slept less, I ran out of time to game. Now that he's almost 3 and becoming more independent and fairly disinterested in anything I'm doing, I find more time to play.

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Playing more recently. Playing the Witcher 3 and Shadow of War. It's kind of funny how the game industry is doing so bad at the moment, with many controversies. How about buying year-old single player games? But no, let's pre-order online mutliplayer games and then moan about timed-exclusive micro-transactions, DLC and 100 dollar premium editions. I really think there are enough old games to keep you busy...

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Is that really quitting gaming? You're just taking a break. I've done the same in the past when I've needed to. Call it an extended break.