Desperate, do you want to eat grass back

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And employees for a long time , since otherwise there will be a feeling , when informed that older employees on the outside before the company fared not ye , there are indeed intent back when I will be with BOSS says , he will absorb come , after all, have the experience, and we come together have feelings , of course, I also believe that they worked hard on the outside for a while , you should cherish the jobs.

Back to the nest of some of the staff that is true, when the plant at home . I am very pleased that , after all that time, I recommend it to come true. BOSS also think I work more reliable.

Who knows good times did not last long , a few months later , began to fluctuate , and sabotage , string Kong murmured, the company's system , sow discord . Discovery came looking for him after the talk, a denial did not do so . I say you come I'll give you a pledge not remember now . You can deny that , but I want to see your performance , otherwise, you can ask to resign.

He came to one , but for the financial crisis will not nobody take me to come here , I am dizzy ~ , I had good intentions turned out to be the liver as a donkey ! Mad I can not be said . Since the mood in this work , and wrote his resignation , I instantly make personnel clearing wage leave.

It seems that people are bound to change, and some people is the essence of that. Helpless, finally I informed the Ministry of Personnel never have a chance the person back to the nest . No matter who says love is good 。