Craig Ferguson leaving Late Late Show

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This is a shame. Enjoy him

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That sucks... I will miss him.

Maybe this means something bigger in his future though... he deserves it!

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That's a shame, he's definitely one of the funniest late night comedians. I wonder where he will be headed.

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I hope he does more voice work for animated stuff. And also, Josh Robert Thompson should get the show.

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I haven't watched in a long time simply because it doesn't cross my mind, but I will miss him. He was the only late night show I really enjoyed.

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It's not a great day for America everybody.

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The only late show I've ever enjoyed. A true shame.

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I watch the show every morning since I can never stay up that late. I wish him the best. The funniest late-night host in the last decade, closely followed by Conan. I hope Craig finds another spot that makes him happy.

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@dave123321 said:

Can't think of a better reason to leave. Good on him for knowing when it's time to move on.

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He got passed over by Colbert and is taking his ball and going home. I hope that Kevin Pereira gets the chance to host Late Late show because he's way too good to waste away on a game show.