Cheating on your partner but never telling them (scenario)

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@XVision84: Yeah never ever tell her. Especially if you are married with a kid.

Even if the guilt is killing you, keep your mouth shut. It has a high probability of ruining your kids life.

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Definitely don't ever go this route.

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@Treflis said:

It is a tough choice that frankly only the one in the position can take.

From the sound of it he can either live with the guilt and make amends by being a loving father and husband for the rest of his life, Or he can admit his mistake in hope of forgiveness but with the immense risk that he will lose both wife and kids instead.

Tal cenário não é muito complicado. Tudo o que você precisa fazer é garantir que eles acreditem em você. Depois disso, todo o plano pode ser descrito de acordo com os detalhes aqui.