can u trade in accessories at gamestop?

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#1 Posted by Olimamidar (331 posts) -
for a lot of money if so
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#2 Posted by Yagami-Iori (6327 posts) -
LOL... Trading in and a lot of money does not compute. Ever.
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#3 Posted by KurupSoldr (4094 posts) -
yes some you can but they will rip you off i would sell to friends or others but not to them
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Trade in (anything) at gamestop for a lot of money is an oxymoron. >_>

But I'm sure you'd get something for it, probably. Maybe. :?

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#5 Posted by queenfan66 (2737 posts) -
the plastic on the object you are trading is worth more than what they give you at gamespot