Can someone help me ID some foreign money?

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Found some loot but I need help finding out what it is anyone know?


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Yes, someone likely can.

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@FuggaJ: Try to take a picture of a single piece and use Google's image search you can upload the image and try searching for that.

Worth a shot!

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I believe that is the Japanese "yen".

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@Necrifer said:

I believe that is the Japanese "yen".

I see Mount Fuji, a mounted samurai and a Shinto shrine. It would be a safe assumption.

It's certainly quite old as well. I can see the date on some, but I can't remember my kanji well enough. I want to say pre-war.

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Definitely Japanese currency and fox is right definitely pre war.

From what I'm seeing you have currency notes from 1850-1940's nothing post war like the occupational american forces used.