Can anyone help me?

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#1 Posted by AngelUi20 (25 posts) -
I'm not able to put there any level requirement to be able to insert an avatar or profile pic? Thanks in advance
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#2 Posted by juden41 (4447 posts) -
There are many glitches lately, I can't change mine either.
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#3 Posted by darkengy (171 posts) -
Hmm...I think it doesn't require any specific level to upload it I guess... Go to Settings found when you point your mouse to your name then click it. Then after that go to the Images tab & look for the User Icon part & upload your avatar =)
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#4 Posted by NiKva (8181 posts) -
You need to host it offsite on photobucket, imgur, imageshack, etc.
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#5 Posted by comp_atkins (34605 posts) -
might need to be a higher level.
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#6 Posted by MrPraline (21351 posts) -
Mine doesn't even work. I am FACELESS, you guys.
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#7 Posted by lo_Pine (4978 posts) -

My avatar and a ton of other peoples avatars are still gone for me. Don't think theres anything you can do.