Buy christmas gifts for your friends?

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Did you buy presents for your friends for the holidays?

I got my friend a Nintendo Switch along with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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Usually gift a few Steam games to the chosen.

If someone begs they get told where to go.

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Can I be your friend?

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I get my two flatmates stuff every year, and also a few other friends. Besides that just family really. Maybe a secret santa at work, plus Christmas cards naturally.

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Some of them.

I built a few of mini SNES RetroPie consoles to give to people this year.

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For this Christmas, I gave:

  • I got my daughter $50 Steam prepaid card.
  • I gave My baby mama $100 gift card+earrings.
  • Gave my 3 Sisters a $50 gift card each
  • I got my Mother a big purse, Bath & Beyond basket of goodies, and $100 Amazon gift card since she loves shopping at Amazon.

That's all I did for Christmas and I really don't have alot of friends but I did in fact gave one of my Steam friend a gift of a game I wasn't interest, so I guess I did gave at least one friend a gift.

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I have roommates, so I usually get something "for the house". Something for all of us, or something we've been needing.

I don't get things for friends unless they have kids, then I get them something. Thankfully I only have one real friend haha

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yess, because i also received last year.