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Do you struggle when it comes to birthday gifts to buy for people?. At least one good thing about not having any friends is i dont have to think of gifts to buy or is that sad?. Any way it my mum birthday next week and every year is getting harder and harder to think of anything. My dad is easier as i would just buy him a movie or a random thing and he would watch it or like it. My mum abit different as she dont watch movies and buying random things for her is even harder then just a movie.

I haven't got anything from them for years same as this year and even though they do my head in and want to move out i still like to buy something on birthdays and even Christmas but gift ideas are getting harder and harder.

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I only buy gifts for my wife and kid and I always know what they want, so no struggle.

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I don't have friends, and my small family doesn't celebrate birthdays, so no

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For me gifting is something only relevant for kids. I hate giving presents to adults and I also hate receiving them I make enough money to buy what I want and so do the other people. Nothing is more annoying than getting some ugly thing they expect you present somewhere in your house. Sure I do make gifts to my wife, but I usually know what she wants or needs, so that's rather easy

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Hmmm simple earrings would be nice and safe.

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@bush_dog: I'm not soppy like that lol.

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Gift card, chocolates...

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I feel your pain, my mum's the same way. Day-out stuff has gone down well in the past. I'm thinking maybe theatre tickets or a wine-tasting session or something like that? There's probably a lot of events that are cheap out of season.

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I don't buy birthday gifts for friends, my precense at their birthday partys is good enough.

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Only buy gifts for family and I know what they want/need.

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Usually I'm really good with getting gifts. For me, the hardest person to get gifts for is my mom, since she can basically just get whatever she wants herself. My usual tactic for her is to get gifts I'd know she'd like but she'd never find them herself or know they existed. It'll take a bit of searching, but you can end up finding some really cool hidden gems that make great gifts.

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I give gifts if I see something that reminds me of a friend and I want to show them some appreciation.

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@shellcase86 said:

I give gifts if I see something that reminds me of a friend and I want to show them some appreciation.

Same. I give people stuff when I feel like it, not to celebrate calendar dates that are not related to them or to mark the fact that they managed not to die for another year.

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When you do buy a something you either get that luck to say WTF do i need this for or ive already got this. :P

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When you gave gift to your loved ones, I suggest you to buy some dishes of his/her choices.

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Always give money, always get money back.


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Well I hardly ever buy birthday gifts. About the only time I did this, was almost last year. There was this classmate I was fond of, she had implicitly rejected me before yet I was foolish enough to buy her a birthday gift hoping to surprise her. I didn't have much money so I sold my grandmother's souvenirs that she'd given me throughout all these years, which turned out to be an even bigger mistake because just a few months later she passed away and I felt (feel) guilty for giving up those mementos just to win a heart of stone.

Anyway, I struggled real hard to choose between a musical jewellery box or a silver necklace. I bought the necklace. Mistake.

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Well, for the ladies there are a number of different options available like fashion accessories, clothes, electronic gadgets and many more things. Last month my daughter, completed her 16 years, So I bought Wholesale sunglasses as a birthday gift for her from I purchased wholesale sunglasses in bulk, as buying sunglasses in bulk was affordable also give choice to wear.

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All my relatives and in-laws are far enough away, the nearest one 10 hours away via freeway. I usually send them a Happy Birthday email. The kids, I would sent either a gift card or a money order via USPS. I don't know my coworkers' birthdays unless they broach the subject.

If they hold a party and we get invited, then we think of what present to give. A bottle of wine always seems to work well.

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Photo album with photo's never fails. Plus I have what I call the "Vault" When ever some points out something they like it goes in there for me to remember.

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I had a birthday only with friends. But they arranged that the wife could come too (she had to work that day). But she came. Gave a new tracksuit, sports bag and cool sneakers. I have never seen such people before, he said that this Areni 1
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