Best Horror Movie Villain

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Posted by xdude85 (6332 posts) 4 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Best Horror Movie Villain (22 votes)

Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 14%
Michael Myers (Halloween) 27%
Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) 5%
Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) 36%
Pinhead (Hellraiser) 18%
Ghostface (Scream) 5%
Jigsaw (Saw) 9%

My vote goes to Freddy, he's just so sinister and evil compared to the others.

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#1 Posted by SirSlimyScott (275 posts) -

General Zod from Man of Steel.

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I don't watch much horror movies (or at least the classics) but I pick Leatherface.

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Michael Myers and Leatherface are my favorites. Can't decide which one I like more.

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#4 Posted by RoccoHout (1075 posts) -

Freddy Krueger, no contest. The guy takes freaking revenge on people by killing their children in their nightmares, very evil and sinister guy

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Funny, I thought of getting a Leatherface mask this Halloween.

But my vote goes to Michael Myers as far as movies go, he's still relevant thanks to the Rob Zombie remake of the first film... think his follow up film was horrible like the rest of his films but hey if he had a good movie the first Halloween remake would be it. I liked the Halloween remake because it deals with a the development of Myers as a psychopath, torturing his pets, keeping trophy photos, killing the school bully stone cold...

Loading Video..., after killing his fucked up family there's a scene where he connects with his younger sister who he'll later stock when he gets out of the mental institution. Speaking of the mental institution, I thought the original theatrical cut escape scene was better toward his character remake. The new film's older Myers was a really big guy and really strong. In the theatrical escape scene he busts out of his restraints and slaughters his escort like it's nothing. His size and strength really stands for something because it makes ambiguous whether it's a psychotic force driving his brute strength or it's some supernatural element, and in this first film making him very large and strong definitely steers clear of definitely making it a supernatural. In the "director's cut" instead of escaping by brute strength, Rob Zombie puts in this stupid scene where some drunk redneck hospital staff rapes a girl in Myers room while he's doing crafts and he just decides to escape; I absolutely hated this edit. It totally loses a significant scene demonstrating his monstrous strength which applies toward the end after he's shot and falls and he dies... no he really didn't, the guy was huge and can bust steel chains maybe he could of got up and walked away... without that scene though it's harder to make that excuse. I can only imagine Rob Zombie included the stupid rape scene escape in the "director's cut" as a means of justifying people buy it.

The sequel really ruined any momentum Rob Zombie had going with the first film though. He was a psychopath in the first film, now he's supernatural or schizophrenic, and it's a complete reversal on character development. I loath Rob Zombie for killing a good thing, House of 1000 Corpses sucks, Devil's Rejects sucked and it ruined "Freebird" for me, Halloween was good, but the sequel sucked. I think the asshole is pussywipped or something and his wife demanded she be in the sequel even though her character died in the beginning of the first movie, so he had to find a way to write her in and ruined what he had going for him in the process... and that replacement young Myers sucked too.

Anyhow, of my favorites not listed, I'll have to say it's Chucky, the idea of a killer doll used to scare me as a kid, then I watched the films so much I got desensitized, then they just got funny, think it's all those cheesy one liners that makes those movies so appealing...

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None of them, as after several movies into each franchise, they become a parody of their original selves.

The best horror villain is the ones you never see: A toss-up between the mutating factor in Carpenter's The Thing or the undead-creating "virus" in Romero's "Dead" movies.

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#7 Posted by Perfect_Blue (30075 posts) -

Michael Myers in the original, The Thing, and Jaws.

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#8 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

Mr. Howdy ..... exorcist

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Jason vorhees

micheal myers


leather face

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#12 Posted by DanishSnow (88 posts) -

Reverend Harry Powell from The Night of the Hunter.

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#13 Posted by shellcase86 (3449 posts) -

Myers. Lest corney movies. Best developed background.

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#14 Posted by norm41x (813 posts) -

The entire cast of the Resident Evil movies.

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The Man from Nightbreed

Because I like the whole concept of him. If you ever seen nightbreed or read The Cabal from Clive Barker you may know it's about a haven for all the monsters. The Man was someone who wanted to be one of those monsters but was rejected, so set out to show them that you didn't need tentacles or freak sharp teeth to be a monster. Also he's played by David Cronenberg.

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@Nibroc420 said:


okay, he's by far the most disturbing horror movie character ever created, I'm physically repulsed just looking at him

and for people that might not know, that's the guy from Human Centipede 2

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Pinhead made me watch all 9 of those Hellraiser films. And boy, were some of them baaaad.