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What are your favorite type of beans ?  I love black beans and lentels personally.  Very good source of carbs, protein, dietary fiber and some vitamins.

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Beans are the perfect food for college students (I would know) who want to save money - and eat healthy. A bag of raw beans sells for like 97 cents!

Anyways, I love black beans and pinto beans. They are super versatile and are perfect for when I don't feel like eating meat. I make delicious black bean burgers; they are my signature burgers and are always a hit. Needless to say, I won't be sharing the recipe with anyone! :P

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Pinto beans

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baked beans.

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Can't say I enjoy beans, however I do have baked beans on occasion.

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i miss eating cans of baked bean. I cant find them where I live.

I think I mainly eat soy beans. But I love beans in general.

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Baked beans/kidney beans.
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Baked beans (although not a big fan of the ones in the states) are a seriously under rated food!
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Beans from Even Stephens.


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lentil soup is amazing. 

i also have an affinity for those heinz canned beans.

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I could eat 10 pounds of baked beans a day and not have it get old.
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Mr. Bean please
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BEEEEEEEANS I always get black beans for my breetoes.
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kindy beans are GREAT. cold or hot
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This whole thread just reminds me of this.

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I wished I liked beans. They're cheap and really healthy. But unfortunately, except for retried beans, I think beans are gross.
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Brown baked beans, Oh man, that tastes so good. Makes you fart in heaps though, So I only eat it during days I want to be alone.

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Beans, beans, the magical fruit, The more you eat, the more you toot! The more you eat, the better you feel, Let's have beans with every meal! I'm a huge fan of baked beans in molasses or maple syrup. But I'll eat them all.
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Bacon BBQ Baked Beans...mmmmm....


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Love baked beans whether canned or homeade and I also love to make things with other kinds of beans/lentils/chickpears. Most under-utilized food ever.

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