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Has anyone seen the recent cartoon "Beware the Batman" and if so what did you think of it?


I for one really enjoyed it. I liked the different spin they put on it and how they didn't rehash the same villains as before, although I wouldn't mind seeing some of them done in the new design. I thought the fight scenes were executed very well. I also thought how they portrayed Alfred as a former agent of some sort was pretty cool. Anyone else?

Another thing, I've recently been re-watching "Batman: The Animated Series" from the 90's, which I thought was one of the best cartoons ever. Until I noticed some episodes I don't recall, and they contain a replacement Robin who is some dweeby little kid. The old Robin is now Nightwing and BatGirl makes way too many appearances. I don't remember these from my youth and my DirecTV guide says 2013 in the info, but the artwork doesn't look 2013. Anyone know if these are "new" or am I just not remembering them?

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The New Batman Adventures was The WB's continuation of the original Batman: The Animated Series on Fox, which had finished its original run back in 1995. They added some additional characters and changed the overall art style of the show, but still had all of the creative talent behind it. The show lasted two seasons and only had 24 episodes total compared to the 85 episode run of the Fox series, but is still considered part of TAS continuity.

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The 90's cartoon changed animation in the final season along with Robins. I'll have to check out the new Batman cartoon you mentioned.

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I had a dream about Batman Jesus, not too long ago

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Batman: TAS is perhaps the greatest American animated series of all time.

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@Serraph105: Apparently it bombed. Cartoon Network pulled it after 11 episodes. After I posted this I checked IMDB to see what the deal was, then a quick google search lead to a facebook page with a link to a petition to bring it back. I also found another article about it with comments trashing the show. I thought it was cool and original and reminded me of the animation used in Star Wars The Clone Wars, which is one of my favorite shows of all time. I read that they made 22 or so episodes but the rest never aired and can't be found. The first 11 are available on Amazon Instant Prime but I wouldn't pay what they are asking. Oh well chalk it up to a damn shame ;)