Am I the only one that thinks the McRib burger from Mcdonalds is overrated?

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1517 posts) -

I sure as hell do. It was pretty average at least for my taste buds.

For those that have tried it, what do you think?

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#2 Posted by VFighter (4803 posts) -

Years ago I loved, tried it last year and thought it sucked.

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#3 Posted by DeadMan1290 (15561 posts) -

Always found it overrated. I liked it but still too overrated.

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#4 Posted by uninspiredcup (32821 posts) -

Chicken Mcflurry or nuttin'

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#5 Posted by DaVillain- (36073 posts) -

I haven't eaten McDonald's for the past 7 years and couldn't be happier! Chick-fu-a is were it's at :)

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I think it's gross.

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#7 Posted by PSP107 (17440 posts) -

@uninspiredcup said:

Chicken Mcflurry or nuttin'

I'll stick to Oreo Mcflurry.

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#8 Posted by SaltSlasher (1006 posts) -

I ate one a long time ago, but they sell better ones in the frozen section at Sams.

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McDonalds as a whole is overrated. But I'll eat there if I really need to stop and find a place to eat because it's cheap af compared to buying meals at other fast food places that end up being almost $10 or something stupid like that.

As for the McRib... never tried it, but it looks almost exactly like the cheap microwaveable sandwiches I eat. And I imagine the taste isn't all that different.

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#10 Posted by Vaidream45 (1850 posts) -

Really...I can’t eat anything other than some chicken nuggets from them anymore. Worst burger place I know of and so many better options these days.

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#11 Posted by Ezekiel43 (1406 posts) -

I'm probably never going there again. The Big Macs are so disappointing now. The patties are just pitiful. The whopper is better than any burger McD makes.

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The McRib is rated? I consider myself a BBQ snob as I like to smoke and make real BBQ. Is the rib even pork?

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Beer and a burger at Wetherspoons is the best, and I don't even like beer!

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#14 Posted by CrimsonBrute (25385 posts) -

I tried one a few years back and I thought it was nothing special.

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#15 Posted by Ovirew (8863 posts) -

I like the McRib, but some years it has been better than others. Last year it was supposed to come along again, but it never came to the area where I live. It did, however, come to a college town near my hometown, in a two-person meal with a basket of fries. It was a pretty good McRib.

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If I tried one it was a long time ago.....

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It's alright. Nothing special, I think.

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I stopped eating at McDonalds years ago. Not because it isn't tasty (never cared for the McRib though), but because it's overly processed garbage. It's tasty garbage, but still garbage and I don't want to put it into my body.

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I like them quite a bit, although I recognize that it isn't a particularly "good" thing that I'm eating, if that makes sense. I also feel I'd like them significantly less if they weren't such a rare treat.

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@speeny said:

I sure as hell do. It was pretty average at least for my taste buds.

For those that have tried it, what do you think?

It was awesome years ago, but it's been getting worse and worse by the year.