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Hello, several weeks ago I understood that I am susceptible to addictions. I realized that I have a smoking addiction and really can't quit. I tried several times to quit cold turkey but failed. Now I decided to try vaping and I hope it will help me. I have already chosen the starter kit for vaping ( there are several sites like VpingDaily recommended it ). If somebody has tried vaping and can give me advice I will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I switched from cigarettes to vaping 3 years ago and I've never felt better. I don't cough or hack in the morning no more and my chest doesn't feel tight and hard to breathe, it really was the best thing I could've done.

The first day I got my vape pen was the single most anxious day of my life though, I only had 3 or 4 cigarettes left and the thought of not buying anymore filled me with dread but I stuck with it.

The first week or so it was practically glued to my hand and I still coughed a bit when using it but that did subside and I got used to it and now I don't crave tobacco at all, I dont really even like the smell of it no more.

I do still vape daily but I figure it's the lesser of 2 evils and I feel much healthier and the house doesn't smell of tobacco no more.