A recent study shows that 73% of the population fear Spiders. Are you one of them?

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Posted by mrduckbears3 (133 posts) 4 years, 3 months ago

Poll: A recent study shows that 73% of the population fear Spiders. Are you one of them? (28 votes)

Yes..i have a fear of spiders =( 50%
No. i don't fear something so small 50%

A recent poll suggests that the most feared animal/bug/insect by people is indeed the common Spider...and not just one type but all types cause as you know the spider comes in many shapes and sizes. they are even deadly such as the brazilian wandering spider or black widow even brown recluses. but even the not so deadly ones people fear like the wood spider or the goliath spider and of course tarantulas...

The spider even surpassed Sharks and Lions as the most feared species...perhaps it's because a gun aint gonna do you much good against thousands of spiders. but let's see if it scares the users here

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#1 Posted by KHAndAnime (17565 posts) -

I don't fear death or public speaking, but I fear spiders.

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I am not scared of them. I owned three Tarantulas in the past.

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No spiders never bothered me as I know I can crush them with ease, but when I see one inside the house I usually just pop it outside. I've always had a fear or perhaps more of a distrust of horses though.

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don't fear them enough to get close for the kill

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Nope, and that statistic sounds like bullshit.

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Spiders are evil little demons created by Satan to remind us all of our pitiful, meaningless existence.

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Yes. I admit they creep me out a bit.

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Depends on the size of the spider. Smaller ones don't scare me all that much.

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#9 Posted by vl4d_l3nin (1272 posts) -

Once you get over their creepy look, and how big they can get, they're not that bad. They stay in the dark, eat other bugs..the only real bothersome thing is their cobwebs, which are more annoying than scary

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I don't fear them. But they DO fear me. >:D

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I used to be terrified when I was younger, but since my wife is more terrified, I had to be the spider killer, and they don't bother me much any more.

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#13 Posted by Jd1680a (5958 posts) -

People seem to fear animals that don't have fur and four limbs.

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I like spiders,even those big ones :)

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Unfortunately yes I am. 22 years old and will still scream like a little girl if a daddy long legs comes by lol.

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I only fear the deadly ones because I don't want to deal with going to the ER.

I do want a pet tarantula. The bigger they are, the less scary they are to me because I'm able to identify it.

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Small ones no, movie ones no. Once they get to the point of growing hair they creep me out.

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I don't really fear them, they just kinda creep me out some.

Actually, I do fear poisonous ones. Nothing like walking around in the garage barefoot only to find a giant brown recluse spider crawling around in there.

I don't like any insects though. They're gross.

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#20 Posted by sukraj (27617 posts) -

I don't like spiders.

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#21 Posted by Master_Live (18830 posts) -

Depends on the spider.

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#22 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28392 posts) -

Yes. They creep me the **** out.

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Well, they would scare me if I saw one pop out no doubt. Early humans were probably bitten by them a lot.

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@pspdseagle said:

Well, they would scare me if I saw one pop out no doubt. Early humans were probably bitten by them a lot.

It's actually hard as hell to get bitten by spiders. For most species, you really have to go out of your way to make then bite you. Take the USA, for example. There are only about 5000 spider bites in the USA, each year, which has a population of more than 300 million people. And it's not as if spiders are rare, they're f***ing everywhere (most of your probably have spiders somewhere in your home). Even with spiders and humans meeting on such a regular basis, your odds of getting bitten are something like 1 in 60,000. But what about fatalities? An average of 2 people a year die from spider bites in the USA. You've got a better chance of being killed by lightning, bees, dogs, or stairs.

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#25 Posted by comp_atkins (34794 posts) -

@Iszdope said:

Spiders are cool.

Except for the recluse. I squish him/her. Just like grape.

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#26 Posted by Wilfred_Owen (20964 posts) -

A recent study showed that most studies are fake. Where do we go from here?

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#27 Posted by Glitter (355 posts) -

I fear spiders, but I fear ladybugs even more.

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I don't truly fear spiders as a species (I LOVE jumping spiders) like I used to, but I try to be more alert with what type of spiders are lurking around and where they are situated. I don't want any brown recluses hanging around me...

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Ikinda like spiders, I mean I don't or wouldn't have a pet spider but I like the look of them and actually have a Black Widow tattoo on my arm