A question about body measurements (tailored clothes!)

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Sooo I have a very irregular shape which makes buying pants a nightmare. I want to wear the same clothes as my scrawny arsed chicken leg mates wear but my problem is that I've got massive body builder legs. It seems like clothes manufacturers don't take kindly to people who lifts. Either you're anorexic or you're obeese basically.

My ankles are 10" (which is normal for any skinny ectomorph I guess) while my calves are 18" and my quads are nearly 26"... My waist is 32" but I generally need to buy 34".

I like my jeans to fit like these Levis 511 do on this model:


The most important criteria is how the jeans are around the ankle, but the difference between me and him is where we both have 10" ankles (I assume) he's probably less than 15" around his calves and around 20" around the quads like all my slim friends. So while the ankles would fit me perfectly, my quads are 6 inches to big, and calves are 2-4 inches too big. If I chose a different size OR style so that it fits my quads/calves the legs get messed up and look all scrunched up and baggy (think Bee Gees in Stayin' Alive!)

Why is it so hard to make jeans fit me perfectly?

I'm considering finding a tailor to do my jeans from now, but that could be expensive and I don't even know if they exist.

MY question is.. is there some sort of calculator where I can insert my measurements and they either design them for you OR they find the jeans that fit you?

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Just pick up a few different sizes of jeans and try them on in the fitting room
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One cannot have fat legs and wear straight leg jeans and hope they'll look like that. Trust me. There is far less out there in terms of varying shapes for menswear. I would get the tailor, you're not going to find jeans that fit you properly off the rack with such specific needs. It will cost you some money, but it'd be worth it if that's what you really want.
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Try them on the Levi's 511 fi me quite well and I have quite big legs, but not body builder big I just run a lot :P But you'll have to pick up a few different paris to try em out, go to the store xD

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Spent a day in the levis store trying on different pairs, the 508 and 520 came closest to my needs. I have several pairs of Nudie Jeans (basically the same thing) and I used to wear H&M jeans that fit me perfectly 1-2 years ago but I've had to throw out for being too tight now. I love squating and my legs are by far my best genetics so they are only getting bigger.. it kinda sucks for picking out jeans though. Whenver I'm at home I wear shorts.. if I go out / school first thing I'll do when I come home is change into a pair of shorts :)

When my friends who have thinner legs than I do buy new jeans that are too slim (but other wise the completely correct waist/ankle/thigh/shin ratio) they ask me to attempt to put them on and I sort of "break them in" if you get what I mean.. after I try getting them on they get stretched so they fit my friends perfectly, while still keeping the same ankle to shin to thigh to waist ratio.

Is there no way a shop can stick something through the shins (like a wooden cylinder object) to widen them around that specific area for example?

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Try diffrent pairs especially if you have big legs, for me skinny jeans are waay too tight. Slim or even normal jeans fit me like the one in the picture.