57% of Girls today likes Guys who dress like this. Is this how you dress?

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Poll: 57% of Girls today likes Guys who dress like this. Is this how you dress? (51 votes)

Yes, I do 35%
No, Never. 35%
Not now, but maybe some day. 27%
I'm not a guy but i do like guys who dress like these 2%
I'm not a guy but i don't like guys who dress like this 0%

according to a recent poll, the majority of girls like a guy who dresses like these...but are you one of these people?

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#1 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

no! ...... I've tried forcing myself to dress like that but I just can't.... it's not me ...... I'm more to black Tshirt (sometimes with gory print), black shorts and black sneakers ...... everything should be 85% black .... and it's a good contrast with my fluffy light skin ... lol

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#3 Posted by indzman (27735 posts) -

Where is the original poll or article link ? I'm thinking you made this up by yourself as its really stupid

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#4 Posted by Mercenary848 (11246 posts) -

Um that is not very specific, I wear clothes like those sometime but its not my main style.

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#5 Posted by Guybrush_3 (8308 posts) -

I was wearing plaid button ups before hipsters thought it was cool, so yeah, I usually wear jeans and a button up shirt.

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#6 Posted by plageus900 (2460 posts) -


I wear button-up shirts but I don't tuck them in. I wear boot-cut jeans and romeos.

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#7 Posted by EatShanna (875 posts) -

57% of girls today are fucking stupid apparently.

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#8 Edited by MrGeezer (59347 posts) -

I usually dress kind of similar to that, but not really, if you know what I mean.

Like, in image #1 I see a not-gaudy shirt, some plain old black jeans, and a belt.

#2 I see a similar style shirt, only this time it's plaid. Jeans too, but they're blue. No tucked in shirt, the sleeves aren't rolled up, and the shirt isn't buttoned.

Despite the huge similarities in styles, the meat can be in the little details. As far as overall impressions, the first dude looks more like someone I'd hire or spend time hanging out with. The second dude I probably wouldn't bother with, because he looks like he's trying to pretend like he's a rebel who doesn't give a shit. First guy takes similar clothes and tries to make them look respectable, second guy gets a bit sloppy while OBVIOUSLY trying to use that sloppiness as a way of stating how cool he is.

I'm going with the first guy. He looks great.

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#10 Posted by XilePrincess (13130 posts) -

Looking clean/being groomed matters more than anything else IMO. And by clean, I mean if you use your clothes as napkins you can go from a 10 to the equivalent of a brony just for that.

I wouldn't say I'm a particular fan of either of the styles shown in the OP. They can look nice, but it 100% depends on the person whether you're making ovaries explode or you just look like a dork trying really hard to be a suave man. Nothing looks good on everybody. You have to 'own' what you wear and make it work, that's far more important than what it actually is or what's in style.

I've heard people say that a well-groomed man is to women what a centerfold is to men, and I agree with that. It's always better to be well-groomed than not, regardless of your outfit.

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#11 Edited by deactivated-5acfa3a8bc51d (7914 posts) -

Close, but I am a trendsetter, so I will keep you updated, thank God

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#12 Posted by Celldrax (15043 posts) -

Nah, not me.

Metal tee, black or dark grey fatigue cargos, steel cap work boots, and black flexifit cap.

That's my normal getup.

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#13 Posted by one_plum (6516 posts) -

I sometimes dress like the guy from picture 2, but I don't think I usually pose like a douche. And I don't like wearing belts.

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#14 Posted by ferrari2001 (17763 posts) -

I've recently begun updating my wardrobe. I have started wearing a lot more slacks and collard shirts. I have even wearing my custom tailored suit more often. I still wear jeans occasionally but less often than I used to.

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#15 Edited by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

That second pic is actually exactly how I dress. Western shirt (or flannel in the winter) and jeans. Who knew I was at the cutting edge of fashion? :P

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#16 Posted by Boddicker (4350 posts) -

I dress similarly.

I wear button up shirts with blue jeans but don't tuck them in, and when I wear polos I tuck them into usually dress slacks.

Of course this is when I'm going out (rarely nowadays) and not going to work for which I wear a suit and tie.

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#17 Posted by KiIIyou (27180 posts) -

I wear shirts and pants too :o

Ive got mittens on now though

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#18 Posted by deeliman (3816 posts) -

@Pirate700 said:

That second pic is actually exactly how I dress. Western shirt (or flannel in the winter) and jeans. Who knew I was at the cutting edge of fashion? :P

But now mrgeezer won't be friends with you :(

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#19 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26735 posts) -

Yeah, I tend to dress like picture #2....but under the button-up is usually some geeky Teefury tee.

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#20 Edited by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -
@deeliman said:

@Pirate700 said:

That second pic is actually exactly how I dress. Western shirt (or flannel in the winter) and jeans. Who knew I was at the cutting edge of fashion? :P

But now mrgeezer won't be friends with you :(

I'll live. Though today at work, I dressed up the western flannel with a tie and slacks so maybe there's still hope.

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#21 Edited by LJS9502_basic (163235 posts) -

Jeans and shirts are not only worn by a sub-segment? Oh...duckbear thread. Never mind....

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#22 Edited by lostrib (49999 posts) -

Lol no. I spend almost all day in lab, this would just be a waste

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#24 Edited by ChiefvsGordon (1085 posts) -

Button up or a nice sweater and jeans or slacks is what i wear from Wednesday-Sunday because of my job and internship. I usually wear the same thing if i go out, ladies seem to like it.

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#25 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

No, my lifestyle doesn't allow it. I also couldn't care less what women like. Already got my girl over 20 years ago.

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#26 Posted by Horgen (117400 posts) -

Dressed like that for years already.

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#27 Edited by mjorh (6742 posts) -

I wear whatever comes in my way ...who's got time for "dress up" !

@horgen123 said:

Dressed like that for years already.

So do u confirm the stats? :D i mean that 57% ...

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#28 Posted by Evil_Saluki (5217 posts) -

Not at all, very mainstream unimaginative style. Type of guy you see who's goes drinking at Weatherspoon on a Saturday, likes football and has no distinguishing traits about themselfs what-so-ever. They are, default guy.

If girls have been voting for that, chances are is they going for the thing they see the most. It's what they see, it's what they vote, but there is stuff out there they probably like better but they don't see it as often.

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#29 Posted by uninspiredcup (26370 posts) -

That guys dresses pretty plain, but cool. When i clicked this thread, I was expecting something ridiculous, he looks just very, average dressed imo.

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#30 Edited by Gaming-Planet (19202 posts) -

Looks too generic and country for me. I dress like a rich city boy. SWAG

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#31 Edited by foxhound_fox (97096 posts) -

I don't follow trends.

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#32 Posted by Serraph105 (32226 posts) -

Yeah the clothes aren't all that dissimilar from what I have in my closet. I don't try to give the faces at the camera that these dudes are giving, but that's a different story.

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#33 Posted by theone86 (21503 posts) -

Yup, I wear jeans with plaid pattern and solid color shirts, flannel when it's warm. Never knew I was so fashionable. I'm nowhere near as clean-cut, though.

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#34 Edited by -Renegade (8340 posts) -

I do dress like that but I don't tuck my shirt in

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#35 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

@plageus900 said:

I wear button-up shirts but I don't tuck them in.

my parents use to force tuck my shirt in the public when I was a kid everytime I pull it out

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#36 Posted by lensflare15 (6624 posts) -

On rare occasions I might dress something like the guy in the first picture (though I wear darker clothing and don't tuck my shirt in). Mostly stick to black polos/t shirts and jeans.

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#37 Posted by SOedipus (10788 posts) -

In Canada I dressed like that all the time. Too hot for me in Australia though. Shorts and t-shirts for me.

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#38 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (23475 posts) -

The top photo with tucked in shirt n belt? Pretty much although I don't roll up the long sleeves. I just wear short sleeves instead.

When at work, dress code is Docker pants (instead of jeans) and shirt with tie or no tie.

Wife seems to like it. I always get a pat on the tush.

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#39 Edited by -ParaNormaN- (1495 posts) -

Kind of, I don't do it to be stylish or anything. I just feel comfortable in it and like button shirts. They're all black or dark colored though. I stick to the usual black shirt, blue jeans or black shirt, black jeans. Sometimes I'll wear black shirt with cargo pants lol. If it's not a button shirt, its a black t shirt. I leave all my shirts untucked too.

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#40 Edited by Jankarcop (11056 posts) -

I dress better/fancier than that. lol jeans.

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#41 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (1495 posts) -

@Jankarcop said:

I dress better/fancier than that. lol jeans.

Are you Barney Stinson?

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#42 Posted by Jankarcop (11056 posts) -

@-paranorman- said:

@Jankarcop said:

I dress better/fancier than that. lol jeans.

Are you Barney Stinson?

No I'm not gay.

My normal attire

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#43 Posted by Big_Pecks (5973 posts) -

A bunch of heroes in here.

Though I don't know exactly what the similarities are.

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#44 Edited by comp_atkins (34785 posts) -

those pants look a little too tight to comfortable

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#45 Posted by Netret0120 (3508 posts) -


Going to lectures i prefer hoodies and jeans.

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#47 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

To tell you the truth I just wear whatever I got, not one to attempt to make any type of style to tell you the truth. But maybe one day I will get into following trends.

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#48 Edited by Trail_Mix (2579 posts) -

nah i usually look something like this

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#49 Posted by bowchicka07 (1104 posts) -

Band shirt and jeans most of the time...collar and khakis for professional and work attire

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#50 Edited by Ryagan (590 posts) -

No. My style is part hipster, part skater, part prep, and part geek.