$1,000,000 for 1 of your fingers

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#51 Posted by SonyNintendoFan (527 posts) -
I'd gladly donate one of Dave's fingers for 700,000.Allicrombie
Do you 2 know each other in real life? Just curious lol
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#52 Posted by PernicioEnigma (5895 posts) -

Yup. Right pinky.

Same here, I'm left handed.
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#53 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (24616 posts) -

can't do that
i use my left pinky for ctrl in fps
also it would impair my typing speed if i were to lose any finger.

need my right pinky as well for better mouse control in fps

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#54 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -
only one million... na. pinky for 50 million. 100 million for middle, 750 million for index. 1 billion for thumb
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#55 Posted by JuanGrande386 (1115 posts) -

I need all my left hand fingers for playing games on my laptop and the occasional game of RockBand3. I think I could do with just my thumb, pointer, and middle finger on my right hand though.........thatll be 2 million dollars please!

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#56 Posted by soulless4now (41388 posts) -

Absolutely not. I need them for eating caveman style.

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#57 Posted by MrGeezer (59292 posts) -

You can choose the finger (no toes)

Would you?

F*** yes. I would absolutely chop off one of my fingers for a million bucks, no question about it.
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#59 Posted by Tykain (3887 posts) -
Yeah id definitely do it for 1 milion, obviously id choose my left little finger.
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#60 Posted by nooblet69 (5162 posts) -

Yep, left pinky finger so long as the money was guaranteed. Cash or sent to my account is fine.

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#61 Posted by tocool340 (21185 posts) -
No. I'm not that desperate....
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#62 Posted by GhoX (6267 posts) -
Right pinky. I need my left pinky for shift and ctrl keys.
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#63 Posted by tocool340 (21185 posts) -
only one million... na. pinky for 50 million. 100 million for middle, 750 million for index. 1 billion for thumbk2theswiss
I'll go with this....on second thought, double what this guy is offering for each one of his fingers/thumb....
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#64 Posted by Morphic (4345 posts) -

Heck ya. Would proably be one of my ring fingers

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#65 Posted by October_Tide (5396 posts) -

Left hand pinky finger, no question.

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#66 Posted by undergroundLPx (710 posts) -

This thread is so sad to read. Wow.

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#67 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (48978 posts) -
I actually think I wouldn't do this, as great as a million dollars is, I still think having all of my precious fingers is more important. I'd be vewy sad and depressed if I lost even so much as one... they're all key figures to my drawing and other talents.
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#68 Posted by Planeforger (17436 posts) -
Definitely not. Becoming a millionaire legitimately is a hell of a lot easier than growing a new finger. I'm not going to permanently maim myself out of impatience.
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#69 Posted by WiiCubeM1 (4735 posts) -


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#70 Posted by lonewolf604 (8652 posts) -
No, I'm a musician.
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#71 Posted by jeremiah06 (7215 posts) -
Take the pinky on the left hand...CreasianDevaili
This without a second thought...
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#72 Posted by 22Toothpicks (12540 posts) -
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#73 Posted by Guybrush_3 (8308 posts) -

Left pinky for a million bucks? surething.

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#74 Posted by lamprey263 (35005 posts) -
yes, I'd go with left pinky, preferably though in pain free surgery with sedation and a doctor, but if I had to make do with a rusty cleaver and a jug of moonshine and my own will I might be able to manage
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#75 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

Noo i like my fingers D:

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#76 Posted by johnd13 (9336 posts) -

I don' t think so...

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#77 Posted by Cloud_Insurance (3279 posts) -

you can take the ring finger, I'm never getting married. Plus it would be easier to give females the shocker.

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#78 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

Maybe. I'd have to think about. And how painful is the removal going to be? Would you be put under and have it surgically removed or is someone just going to cut it off with a knife while you scream in agony?

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#79 Posted by applesxc47 (10761 posts) -

you can take the ring finger, I'm never getting married. Plus it would be easier to give females the shocker.


Of course that's the first thing to consider :P

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#80 Posted by DoomZaW (6475 posts) -

My right pinky i'd suppose. Can't sacrifice my left. How would i sprint in BF3 then? :|

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#81 Posted by sukraj (27501 posts) -


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#82 Posted by Gen007 (11006 posts) -

im surprised so many would say yes i mean geez your finger if properly function is worth more than a mil. Me i couldn't do it i love drawing / painting, Playing games, playing instruments, and all sorts of other things that would be effected in some way or another with a missing finger. I mean some people would kill to have functioning hands and fingers and you guys are willing to let that go for a mil seriously that's not even that much money. Maybe at once yes but for a lifetime handicap no.

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#83 Posted by dramaybaz (6020 posts) -
Hmm make it a billion. Even then, I will have trouble deciding which finger, as each of them have their uses! Especially gaming and guitar.
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#84 Posted by YoshiYogurt (6008 posts) -
I need all my fingers for instrument playing, it'd have to be a few more million for me to give that up.
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#85 Posted by Matthew-first (3317 posts) -

People will do anything for money? huh?


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#86 Posted by coasterguy65 (7133 posts) -

Sure I'd give up a finger in a heartbeat for $1M. Ring or pinkie would be my choice.

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#87 Posted by comp_atkins (34679 posts) -
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#88 Posted by DaBrainz (7917 posts) -
Yes dave123321
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#89 Posted by Laihendi (5876 posts) -
I wouldn't do it for US dollars.
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#90 Posted by Diablo-B (4063 posts) -
Nope. My finger is worth more then $1M. Not to mention I an skilled enough to make that much.
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#91 Posted by Aquat1cF1sh (11095 posts) -
Yeah, probably pinky since it's the only finger I don't use for typing. :P
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#92 Posted by comp_atkins (34679 posts) -
I wouldn't do it for US dollars.Laihendi
ok gold then..
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#93 Posted by DeathCl0ck (89 posts) -


I think that it would be kinda pathetic if you were to willingly do something like this. My fingers are priceless, so you can shove that money down your throat and through your a$$.

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#94 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24520 posts) -

In a heartbeat I would. Even if I didn't need the money to get by in life, just think of how much good I could do with a million bucks to enrich or help out the lives of others for such a small sacrifice.

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#95 Posted by Goyoshi12 (9687 posts) -


Wait...this isn't hypothetical?

Dang it....

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#96 Posted by Jacobistheman (3975 posts) -

Of Course. I would get rid of the left pinky.

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#97 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13694 posts) -
I'd do more than one finger if I could get more money.
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#98 Posted by Cyanide4Suicid3 (733 posts) -
Pinky finger? Hell yeah, dont need it anyway.
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#99 Posted by toast_burner (24932 posts) -

So were do i send the finger to, TC? TC.... you're not backing out on me now are you?!

Oh boy....

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#100 Posted by ReviewerDrake (805 posts) -

Right hand Ring Finger wouldn't think twice.... With that kind of money I could just take out a hundred grand get the best damn artificial finger on the market and still make 900,000.