Zelda & mario odyssey VR impressions

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ok just spent some time in both.


ok so there are only 2 things you can do. 1 is actually a game and the 2nd is just something called theater mode.

in theater mode its like you are inside a movie theater watching a movie. you cant move your head really. there are 2 mario things to watch in the theater. the opening cutscene and the ending cutscene. thats it. it feels like going to the movies without paying. kind of cool.

on the game side you go into like 5 different kingdoms. in each kingdom you have to do the little musical note mini game where you collect the notes before the timer runs out. if you do it they give you an instrument. then you look for a musician and hand him the instrument. there is like 3 or 4 musicians in each kingdom. the cool thing is you can look 360 all around. very cool. you could finish all this content in like 30min :P


there is nothing special here you simply choose vr mode in the options and everything is exactly the same. however you cant look 360 like in mario. moving your head is like moving the right analog stick camera but from the opposite direction. its wierd to explain. its much better to just use the right stick when in vr mode and not moving your head.

its very cool though because everything is super zoomed in and when you are close to a cliff its a bit daunting. howevr because you are so zoomed in its hard to have a sense of where you are going. it felt lost like i could only see 10 feet in front me in a way. so its cool but if you want to fight a lynel or something good luck.


i will say the blurry low resolution wasnt a huge issue in mario but in zelda it was downright ugly imo. sort of defeats the purpose. if zelda looked clearer this would be a cool little time waster. it still kind of is but not really.

hopefully mario gets a bit more content like this on a later patch to have more to do.

imo the mario vr dlc is a bit better than zelda because of the 360 view in mario and the blurriness of zelda. but of course in zelda tons more to do.

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From the sounds of things then, I guess the VR content for both games is more or less a small bonus. I think the concept could be better-utilized by having it in mind while developing newer games.

I sort of doubt the Labo VR will see that much implementation, but at the very least it might be interesting if they develop one or two major games that really take advantage of the VR.

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I wonder if you could use the HDMI output and force the VR to a PSVR headset. Probably not but if anyone has one I'd like to see the results.

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This sounds awful. Labo is a joke. And they will not be adding more content I guarantee you that.